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  1. Hey it's been a while since another guest has been posted for Glasgow anymore announcements
  2. Cool aliens star thanks Showmasters ?
  3. Cool guest Showmasters keep the rogue one guest coming ?
  4. Any chance of getting Colette hiller for Glasgow she's appearing at the 2 shows between Glasgow makes sense to have her at the Glasgow show to
  5. Would love if you could get Ian mcdiarmid for Glasgow you had Peter Mayhew last year and ray park and to top it off you also had daniel logon
  6. Cool guest could we get more rogue one actors to appear at this show please
  7. Alan Harris from starwars Glasgow never had him or solo gardner he was in a new hope and the force awakens
  8. Hey when is Veronica Cartwright going up on the preorder page ? It's a guest I've always wanted an autograph of ☺️
  9. Fab guest showmasters but when is the preorder page going to up and running for this event
  10. Hey is there any chance of getting nick Joseph for Glasgow Showmasters he's really interested in doing it
  11. When is the preorder page going to up and running there is just David prowies autograph on the page just now
  12. It has to be ray park from starwars this year he was so nice at Glasgow
  13. Fab guest more starwars guest please and if possible rogue one guests 😁
  14. Fab guest any chance of any alien stars coming to Glasgow
  15. Gerald My favourite character is Luke Skywalker from starwars Glasgow comic con please