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Latest Comic Guest Announcement: Lew Stringer

Attending: All Days

Lew Stringer began his career in comics in 1983, creating humour strips for Marvel UK titles such as THE DAREDEVILS, SPIDER-MAN, and THE TRANSFORMERS. He swiftly expanded his portfolio to freelance for IPC and other companies on OINK!, BUSTER, VIZ, and many other publications for a range of age groups. His most popular characters include COMBAT COLIN, TOM THUG, PETE AND HIS PIMPLE, ROBO-CAPERS, and many more. 

Over the last three decades, Lew has created strips both as a writer and artist for numerous mainstream publications in the UK as well as occasionally generating his own self-published comics.

Internationally, Lew produced a series of BRICKMAN strips for Image Comics' ELEPHANTMEN, back up comic-horror pages for Dark Horse's GRINDHOUSE, and created THE SUBURBAN SATANISTS for the Scandinavian comic HERMAN HEDNING. In more recent times, Lew has worked on legendary British comics THE DANDY and THE BEANO, along with DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE, TOXIC, and EPIC magazines.


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