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First of all excuse me since these are very basic questions, but this will be my first time attending any event of Showmasters. I'm traveling from Spain for the occasion and I've bought a gold pass ticket.

In order to get in the venue in the morning is there going to be a specific queue for us? I reckon we get in 5 minutes before regular ticket holders. Which entry of the Motorpoint should I go to?

Also, where are the desks located to purchase autograph tickets for a specific guest? 

Thanks so much for your help. 

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Hey there! Gold pass holders will have a separate entrance normally, you will know when they announce the floor schedule. 

As for autographs; you will be able to purchase these at each guest table, just before you go to the guest, you pay for one or more autographs. 

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Autograph payment at the table is if you are paying cash. If you wish to pay by Card you Need to get vouchers first. Those are available at the Sales table near the Organisers Booth. Then at the guest's table you Hand These over instead of cash.

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