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PRE-ORDERS question

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I placed a couple of orders on the Pre-Order website. It only just occured to me that while I put a post it note on the items I want personalised, I did not put one on with my name and order number. I did, on the other hand, include a print out of the order inside the parcel box with the item. 

Would that be acceptable? Does it make a difference whether its a print out or a post it note? Or am I just worrying over nothing? A lot of questions, I know haha!

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Hi there. I sent in a poster to get signed by jack, sarah and terance stamp. As jack sadly had to cancel, how does it go about refund for his auto? I understand things will still be winding down after great weekend and im  not desperate  for immediate  refund. More what i need to do. Thank you!!

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