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Cosplay Guest - Marie Gordon

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I'm bendy, i have been cosplaying for 2 year but dressing up my who life I've always loved being a character and cosplay is the great out let for that. i love to cosplay characters i really love. I mostly cosplay from games and comics but I'm branching out in to TV. I am expanding my skills by trying to do more elaborate cosplay and I'm trying to get better at making props.


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Hmm, Is there a reason why Cosplay guests are now been announced? Is this a new thing... also they are going under the guests attending? Are they Signing or doing photos? :headscratch:


It's been getting bigger and bigger, from what I can gather there are certain people within the cosplay world who are 'stars' and seem to be guests in their own right now, same thing is happening with Vloggers and You Tube people.


Not my cup of tea but to the people who follow them they are I guess.

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