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Who have we all met today? How was it?

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Hi all,hope its been a good day,here's who I met today and my experiences, What a fab day


Frances Lee mccain- wonderful lady who personalised my auto in a lovely way, friendly and took her time, and got posed photo


Zach Galligan - friendly and polite in both photo shoot and autograph, even had his own gizmo on the photo shoot


Ricky dean logan- even tho my parter was getting the auto he told me he wanted to give me a posed pic with him, made my day


Claudia Wells- friendly and happy, complimented me on my hair colour, happy days


Christopher lloyd - great pic, amazing bloke, was star stuck


Neve Campbell - very friendly


Every one I had contact with was so happy to be seeing fans, makes the experience so lovely, this is my first con and so excited for what tomorrow brings, I think showmasters coped reasonably well today, tomorrow is going to be tough for them


Overall a fantastic day of memories, how's your day been?

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I met Kelly Hu a few years ago when she was in town - despite jetting over from Russia early morn she was very friendly signing and at the photo shoot - bless her she even said she wanted to do another shoot at 5:30pm today! What a trooper :)

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Had photoshoot with Richard Dean Anderson today which was great despite the stress, he was really friendly (seeing him in the shoot I can understand why his autograph queue was on such a low VQ number by the time we left!).


Got autographs from Garrett Wang who was so friendly and chatty, Tim Russ who was also very friendly and Marnix Van Den Broeke who was an utter darling. Such a sweetheart (I might have a new favourite!)

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James tolkan - for 84 years of age that man is an inspiration! Was really chatty and amazing to meet.


Tom savini - pretty much what I expected not really a conversation but was polite enough


Ken kirzinger - Really nice and appreciative of me wanting to see him,very down to earth..great bloke.


Kevin Eastman - probably my 'surprise' of the day loved chatting to him and had a really classic Aussie friendly vibe about him.


Brutus beefcake - loved meeting him but was a bit ott trying to sell his merch to me lol

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James Tolkan's 84? Holy s***... If I'm half as young looking and fit as him at that age, I'll count myself as lucky. He was absolutely charming, too.


Christopher Lloyd was wonderful, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe friendly (and stunning), and Richard Dean Anderson radiated happiness. My only on the day purchase, Keisha Castle-Hughes was happy and cheery too. I couldn't get tickets for Kelly Hu, Gregg Henry or Brad Greenquist, sadly (bring them back!).

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