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Hey looking forward to this weekend. done a few conventions but this is my first comic con.


Was hoping to see the schedule by now or am i still a little early?


Parking, what times does the car park open and how much is it?


we've got early bird tickets for Saturday, what time does it start?


can we pay by card , or is there an atm in arena?


if we leave can we re-enter?


is there a list of stalls in the dealer room?


thank you to anyone who can answer these for me!! see you all soon :)



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The schedule is being worked on and should hopefully be up shortly.


If you wish to pay for autographs by card you need to buy autograph vouchers at the sales table. Cards are not accepted at the autograph tables. Photosession tickets can be bought by card at the sales table too. Some dealers accept credit cards, others don't.


sidjames has kindly covered all other questions already.

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Last year the atms in the building didnt have money in them for long and one was broken, there is an atm in the Jurys Inn, or there was last year but I think it charges and the nearest ones are slightly further away.

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Thanks everyone. I have already ordered my photos. It's my autograph's and anything we see in the dealer room. I know when I've been to a show at arena they charge for using card. Will just get some money out and hope its enough lol

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