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First lot of guest will be coming this way soon

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Hi everyone

We just wanted to let you know that the first lot of guest for this show will be coming up soon :clap:


This years event was a great event and our local fans came out in large numbers and supported the show this all helps us book the bigger names you all want to see and thats what we have been working on sins the the show and its coming together now and looking to be again a full on show.


Remember if you book in advance you are guaranteed to get in Saturdays are very busy and the line dose get a little long so if you want to avoid the stress then buy in advance :smile:


See you all next year for another great show.


Jason :dance:

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The Cardiff shows are great as they're local to me so its easier to get to. The first show had a great selection and variety of guests and I'd like to see SM continue to improve things with bigger and better guests in the future. With the recent anouncement of the dropping of the winter Collectormania they have more time for planning and prepping these other shows; can't wait for the next one thanks.

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