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Seven guests? Do Gold tickets get autos & photos for all guests in

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It's a shame Amanda and Micheal are at the LFCC but not this :(


I agree, I felt that LFCC had better Stargate guests, but I had already booked my ticket for this!!


Michael and Amanda were the headline guests at the last two Chevron's though. I think the lineup is brilliant, for me at least. Would love to meet all the guests but gutted that I'm having to give it a miss. Too soon after CMMK and with not long to go to LFCC it's just too much.

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When they announced it last year they said you'd get all the guests no matter how many there are, so I hope they haven't changed their minds!


That isn't actually what I said as that would have limited me with guests that I could choose from, both in quantity and quality! What I actually said was that I intended to get more guests and make the event bigger and better value for money!


I think I have done that and so far as this event is concerned all the guests announced have their autograph included in all types of ticket and photos included for Silver, Gold and VIP! :smile:


I intend for Chevron 8.1 to be awesome value with awesome guests too! (Hopefully when I announce the first one(s) on Saturday night you will all agree)! :smile: One thing I will always be clear on is if a guest is going to cost extra for anyone then I will tell you when I announce them! That is not to say that I will ever have guests that cost more, or that I won't, just that if I do then I will be completely clear and tell you! :smile:


Mark :smile:

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