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Other guests may still potentially be added before the event.


Plus it's a different kind of event to DSTL or the signing events.


It's an individual's choice as to whether they want to purchase it or not. People have in the past.

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I'm VIP for this event. Bought my ticket at 7.8, as soon as they announced Michael. I paid more than £1,300 to see him in Paris, and all that I got there was a handshake and an autograph. Considering the amount of money people will bid at the auctions for the evening meal with the Guest the cost is actually not that high, and you get a lot for the money.


I guess it's all about personal taste, I'm a huge fan of Michael and really want to meet him, plus missed out on seeing Partick at 7.8m and have never met Bill, so all in all, worth the spend. It was either that or a week on a beach somewhere, and you can do that anytime.


Hoping for a few more guest announcements, at least 2 more would be fab, but happy with the 3 we've got so far, and confident SM won't let us down.

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