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Latest Guest Announcement - GEMMA MALLEY

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We are very pleased to announce our first author for ET8!






Gemma Malley studied philosophy at Reading University where she had a taste of fame as part of an indie band that toured Japan and France. She worked as a journalist and civil servant before turning to writing teenage fiction. Her previous novels, including The Declaration, were greeted by a tidal wave of enthusiasm and sparkling reviews. The Killables is her first novel to be published by Hodder & Stoughton.






Welcome to The City, a place where ‘evil’ cannot hide and The System monitors ‘good’ by labelling its citizens accordingly. Anyone showing signs of evil is identified immediately and brandished a ‘K’. No one can be certain what this means; only that the consequences are final and they disappear forever…


Evie wakes from another nightmare, drenched in sweat, unable to explain who the man in her dreams is or what has happened. She is sure of one thing, however, evil plagues her dreams and it must be purged. Unless she can overcome the evil within her, Evie will risk becoming a ‘K’ and having to endure the Second New Baptism. She is betrothed to Lucas, the perfect, emotionless ‘A’ citizen and confidante to the all-knowing Brother. But Evie has more to hide than just her unexplained dreams. She has fallen for Lucas’ brother, the mysterious and dangerous Raffy. When The System labels Raffy a ‘K’, the two have no choice but to flee and surrender to The Evils that roam on the other side of the city walls. Neither of them is prepared for what lurks beyond the city or for the truths that they will learn, but what they find will change both their lives and the future of The City forever.


The Killables is the first instalment in a compelling new dystopian series from an immensely talented author. Gemma Malley’s previous books have won her great acclaim and devoted readers, and this new series is set confirm her place as one of the UK’s finest authors for Young Adults.


Gemma will be attending on Saturday only from 11-1pm. She will be taking part in a talk at 11.30 and her books will be available to purchase at the event.


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Excellent :) I've had The Declaration on my Kindle for a while, should get around to reading it now I suppose!

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I had not heard of Gemma before so I got one of her books The Declaration.

Quite a good little book, Thank you!


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