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what was tom sizemore like?

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i was going to get a signature - around 3pm on sunday and i had a nose but he seemed a bit miserable and had his head down and didn't seem to be interacting with some male dealers that were getting a lot of stuff signed. (Maybe that was why?) So i didn't bother as i didn't want to spend £20 and for him not to look up or interact with me.


maybe if i would have got in the queue and met him he would have been different as i was a female and on my own?


what was he like when you met him?

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I thought he was one of the nicest guests I've met, really cool and talkative, my experience from another thread...


"...I wasn't sure what to expect from Tom Sizemore but he was awesome. I had a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City poster for him to sign in which he voiced the main bad guy. He asked what I wanted on it and since I couldn't remember any of the quotes I asked him if he could remember any. So he put 'Wherever I go ,people die. All of them...I hope!" which I thought was awesome from someone who does a lot of film work and has only voiced 2 videogames! Cool guy."

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