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Is anyone else watching Camelot on Channel 4? After reading an interview in which the head writer said that he was consulting the original stories I had high hopes for the series. (I never bothered with the BBC's Merlin because I studied the original stories at university and knew that I would hate it.) Episodes 1 & 2 were shown back-to-back and I really enjoyed them, but Episode 3 was a complete disappointment. A cliche-ridden script, with clunky modern dialogue and a subplot which has nothing whatsoever to do with the original stories. The original stories have stood the test of time, why do modern writers feel the need to tamper with them? I'm going to give it one more chance on the basis of the promise shown by the opening episodes, but if the soap-opera style is maintained I will reconsider my original intention to stick with it for the 10-episode run.

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i didnt expect to like this at all, I wasnt a fan of the kiddy merlin on bbc1 (although the guy who plays arthur in it I thought was decent)


Ive just watched the 2 hour pilot, and aside the odd "modern lapse" I really enjoyed it, I loved the way the sword in the stone was handled and shot. I also loved seeing eva green in the nude!


Im not totally sold on the dude playing arthur, he has potential though, and I do like the whole plan by merlin to reinstate an honorable king on the throne and using a by gone age (a ruined camelot, the sword in the stone ect) as the basis


is that a US accent fhines is rocking as merlin? his flashforward one seemed better.


was good to see purfoy in it, his portrayal reminded me of the excellent series Rome which was cut down in its prime.


so yer, overall I did enjoy it, ive always liked arthurian stuff. it did have lulls but overall was ok.


but from the post above my fear of too much modernization and soapy affairs may rise its head, ive also heard its been axed so no series 2?


is this not a US series though? or is it a torchwood jobby?

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