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Debut of charity comic anthology 'Spirit of Hope' at LFCC

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The Spirit of Hope is a unique anthology of short stories from the world�€™s greatest creators to raise funds for the survivors of the earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand


After the Earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan and the following devastating tsunami the Comic Book Alliance (a Uk not for profit organisation that supports the comic book industry) rallied the troops in the form of many leading creators in the industry. Within an awesome 2 week turnaround they had more than enough fabulous artwork to fill this amazing charity anthology.


Creators include Liam Sharp, Henry Flint, Nick Abadzis, Glenn Dakin, Mark Buckingham, Al Davison and Peter Hogan with stories covering all aspects of human life in the face of catastrophe. The collection comes in two editions �€“ one with a beautiful Jimmy Broxton cover and a second with a cool Michael Allred cover. All profit from the title will go to help disaster victims via Second Harvest in Japan and the New Zealand Red Cross.


The spirit of Hope will make it's debut at the London Film and Comic con where it will be available from the Comic Book Alliance table. So be one of the first people to own this great book filled with amazing art and help the people who are still suffering terribly.


Further information can be found at the CBA website: www.comicbookalliance.co.uk


In attendance at LFCC:


Martyn Pick is a UK film director and experimental animator. He is recognised for his distinctive expressionistic fusion of live-action and animation.Credits include “London 2012â€, the promotional film for the 2012 Olympics and the animation direction on the 2009 feature “The Age of Stupidâ€.

“Ultramarines: The Movie†is Pick's debut feature film as Director and is a 76-minute CGI, sci-fi, thriller. It is the first film based on Games Workshop's Warhammer universe and stars Terence Stamp, Sean Pertwee and John Hurt.

For his contribution to the “The Spirit of Hope†(a comic book anthology in aid of the victims of the Japanese Tsunami)

he was inspired by Akira Kurosawa's film adaptations of Shakespeare: Ran (King Lear) and Macbeth (Throne of Blood).


Jessica S Kemp

'Influenced by Pop Culture, Pin Ups, Cabaret and the Burlesque Jessica S Kemp is a relative newcomer as a comic’s creator. Over the past six years she has collaborated with various small press and independent publishers on various publications and exhibitions as well as her own self published titles, editorial and promotional illustration.


Jimmy Broxton is a man of mystery his published works include The Unwritten for Vertigo, and Knight and Squire for DC comics. He is the Artist of the Standard cover of Spirit of Hope.


Glenn Dakin is the author of the Candle Man series of fantasy novels (Egmont). He writes Shaun the Sheep (CBBC) and Spider-Man (Heroes and Villains mag/Eaglemoss) In the world of comics he is best known for his Abe comic strip, Temptation, Robot Crusoe (Funday Times) and Plasmer (Marvel). Contributed a temptation strip for the Spirit of Hope


Alan Cowsill is a freelance writer and editor. He co-created Stormwatcher for Acme/Eclipse, Kilkane for Deadline Magazine and was an editor at Games Workshop before joining Marvel UK (later Panini UK).

He edited numerous titles for the company including Overkill, Biker Mice From Mars, X-Men, and was the launch editor for the company’s Marvel line. He also wrote Power Rangers and the first UK-originated Spider-Man strips for over a decade in Spectacular Spider-Man Adventures.

After leaving Panini, he edited Cartoon Network Magazine before joining Eaglemoss Publishing, where he developed the Horrible Histories Collection. He also created the best-selling Jackie Chan Adventures and the award-winning Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and DC Super Hero Collection.


David Leach is currently employed as a comic book editor working for Titan Magazines and has spent his entire 25 year-long professional career either working as a cartoonist, writer, colourist or editor in the comic book industry, or as a 3D animator, storyboard and concept artist in the games industry or as a storyboard artist and writer in the animation industry. He has worked for Marvel comics, both US and UK, BBC World Wide, Panini Publishing, Codemasters, Rebellion. He’s written cartoon strips for newspapers including The Times, The Telegraph and the Sun and comic strips for over a dozen UK and international comics.


Kev Hopgood is a children's illustrator and comic book artist. He works for a wide variety of publishers in the UK,US and Europe. Past clients include Marvel comics, for whom he co-created the character War Machine which appeared in the latest Iron Man movie. He's also worked in the educational and ELT field for publishers such as Oxford University Press, Barrington Stoke & Franklin Watts.


Archie Templar

Raised in Der Vaterland and based in Dublin, Ireland, Archie has been a fanatical, quasi-religious devotee of all things comics since picking up his first issue of 2000AD at the tender age of five. Not content to devoting his huge heart to just one genre or country of origin, Archie has travelled the world immersing himself in the myriad of styles that the comic art form has to offer.

After a hiatus of over ten years Archie has returned to doing what he loves doing best. Creating comics for the sheer joy of it.


Grant Perkins is a 31-year-old comic book artist and writer, working and living in South East England. His publishing credits include Digital Webbing Presents, Warmageddon, OzF5, Cereal Geek, Hero Happy Hour, Nightmare world and more. He has a degree in Fine Art and has been freelancing in the comic book field for ten years. He also has 2 novels 'Dwayne Hickenbottom and the War Boots of Doxxville' and it's sequel 'Dwayne Hickenbottom and the Journey to the Centre of the Birth'.


Eva Perkins is a digital inker and colourist she has worked on pieces for Island Tales, Hero Happy Hour, Doxville webcomic and Spirit of Hope.


Si Spencer - Hellblazer/Vinyl Undeground/Books of Magic and of course, CBA's Spirit of Hope


Martin Eden has been working in UK indie/small press comics for around 15 years. He's collaborated with many indie creators on various projects, and also created The O Men, a long-running supersoap which was nominated for an Eagle Award. His current project is Spandex Comic, about an all-gay superteam, also earned an Eagle Award nomination for Best British Colour Comic.


Warwick Johnson-Cadwell illustrates anything he gets paid for and draws anything he can find time for. Over the last couple of years his work has appeared in Birdsong, New British Comics,

Solipsistic Pop and West anthology comics. Currently working on his giant project 'Gungle' for Blank Slate Books, due out about three months after it's finished.

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Quite a few creators are attending the event so it will be a good chance to get many pages autographed!


Awesome! Looks great?


Which artists will be there?


I've met Mark Buckingham and Liam Sharp before and both are lovely (great artists too of course! :D )

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So far the guys below are set to come to LFCC, I can't guarantee that they'll all be there from start to finish!


Kev Hopgood

Jimmy Broxton

Martyn Pick

David Leach

Jessica S Kemp

Glen Dakin

Archie Templar

Alan Cowsill

Grant Perkins

Eva Perkins

Shane Chesby

Si Spencer

Martin Eden

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Another contributor who will be available for signings.


BTW when you buy a copy of The Spirit of Hope charity anthology any contributors there are signing them free of charge for the charity. All proceeds go to First Harvest supporting the survivors of the Japanese earthquake and Tsunami and the New Zealand red cross to help the earthquake victims there.



Warwick Johnson-Cadwell illustrates anything he gets paid for and draws anything he can find time for.

Over the last couple of years his work has appeared in Birdsong, New British Comics,

Solipsistic Pop and West anthology comics. Currently working on his giant project 'Gungle' for Blank Slate Books, due out about three months after it's finished.

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