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  1. Cirroc Lofton Nana Visitor Colm Meaney Alexander Siddig Rene Auberjonois
  2. I was lucky enough to get my photo taken in the morning but they certainly hadn't advertised start and end times for the photoshoots that I could see. Maybe they saw the delays that the photos from the Holly/Gillian/Jeri shoots were causing and capped it early? Sorry to hear some missed out.
  3. I really felt sorry for a lady that picked up her photo from the Karl Urban session only to find her eyes were shut in the photo. I thought that kind of thing was usually caught at the time and the photo retaken. Hope she is attending tomorrow and is able to get another chance at getting her photo taken.
  4. This brilliant news and the best line up of comic guests I've seen for a Showmasters convention so thank you Showmasters!
  5. Excellent. Missed him at another con a few years ago so this is great news.
  6. Is there any chance of getting the Iron Throne prop from the Game of Thrones TV series for display and photo ops for LFCC or Collectormania? I recall it was on display in a HMV in London for the day the first set of DVDs were released and you could get your photo taken on it (I missed out though). I think it'd be a cool opportunity for fans attending either event.
  7. Yep, Greg was lovely too. Very easy to talk too.
  8. Hi there, we've had Darick Robertson, Greg Rucka and Phil Jimenez in LFCCs past, are we going to see some announcements of writers/artists of a similar calibre announced for this year's LFCC soon?
  9. Awesome! Looks great? Which artists will be there? I've met Mark Buckingham and Liam Sharp before and both are lovely (great artists too of course! )
  10. THIS! You can't have a fencing contest without George Takei to participate or, at least, judge! Having Takei alongside Koenig would make this a great event too!
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