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  1. I have this image signed already by Ralph Morse and Alan flyng - when I went to add Austen at his last show he said both weren't in that scene!
  2. I believe Alan would only have done work in Elstree so none of them in that pic will be him.
  3. Is it true that, after recent events, they are bringing love thy neighbour back for a new series??
  4. I turned up on saturday morning with my E-ticket to find out that the venue didnt accept these and that I would have to pay another £1 per ticket to get the venue to print these off. Not exactly the end of the earth but seems a backwards step when the E-ticket system has been working so well recently.
  5. Back up again this morning so ordered. Thanks!
  6. Saturday normal entry showing sold out on website - will there be any available on the day as we cant get there til after 12
  7. Take the cover out of the box to be signed then it definately is a flat item!!
  8. John Forgeham on the left as Captain Bolvan and John Wreford on the right as Lt Hija.
  9. There is a closer image of the imperial officers in the hanger but not sure if he'll be visible in it either.
  10. cool guest!! Anybody know if he was a jawa in the street scenes they filmed at elstree too?
  11. He wasn't Boba in the holiday special - he was Boba in the droids cartoon. IMDB is wrong.
  12. Best guest of the weekend by far! Never thought I'd ever see him at a convention!! He was very chatty and funny and looked to be really enjoying himself. I got 18 signatures in total off him (16 were for me on multis or posters from ROTJ and 2 were for friends).
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