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  1. It's pretty poor for comics… I was excited with the Larocca announcement but that got canceled.
  2. If Jon Bernthal was to come, that would be great! I look forward to seeing him as the Punisher!!
  3. I know he's showed up a lot, but what's the chances of adding Paul Mcgann, as i'd like to get Charles Dances, Sigourney Waver and Paul McGann all one book :)
  4. My only criticism is... Not everybody cares too much for Photo Shoots, and are just autograph collectors, like myself… so I'd rather there be a Diamond pass exclusively to say, 3 or 5 autographs for x amount, and I'd be more inclined to buy it, and would feel more at ease attending the event. It seems silly for me paying £400+ when I don't care for the photo shoots too much. It's not that I don't care, it's that my main time would be spent getting autographs. That's it really :)
  5. The website says £25 for auto fee, and the info here says £15, which one is correct? Thanks!
  6. Just spoke with Salvador… and he's told me he won't be attending this show? so I'm confused by this announcement?
  7. Question for Showmasters... I'd like 4 of more autographs… and I'm considering buying the Diamond pass, making the second £75… would the 3rd and 4th autograph be £75 also? that would seem fair? or obtainable easily for full price at the same time when paying the additional for the extra one? Also, if I were to buy this, could the photo be used by me for the one shot, and my girlfriend for the other? or could I change it, and just have a photo of me and my girlfriend with the "full size Aliens Power Loader with an amazing dressed background"... My girlfriend is pregnant, and will be heavily pregnant by this point, she's letting my call our Son, Ripley :) I can't wait to tell Sigorney and of course, it would be a great photo to have us all in the picture with THE Ripley. I hope Showmasters can help me somehow. Thanks!! Lloyd
  8. At this point, any guest announcements would be good.
  9. Where the guests at? All I see is cancellations
  10. Hope you guys add more guests soon. I'd love for John Hurt and Mike Ploog to be added… and I wouldn't say no to any key Star Wars guests, would love Ian Mcdiarmid!
  11. I posted a thread recently – regarding this show not meeting my expectations so far. It was nothing malicious, I just wondered why the line up for this wasn't as good, in comparison to the previous two shows… Anyways, for the life of me I do not understand why it got deleted? Isn't this a forum for discussion about the cardiff comic con? If people disagreed, they're entitled to that, surely... but deleting my thread seems a bit excessive!
  12. I know I said I agree with you above, but if Showmasters are reading this – please listen to Bee*Boon… This is the third Cardiff show… shouldn't this blow the previous two out of the water? Surely you can get some cool Alien(s) guests, like John Hurt, or lesser known people alike. It's not too late… redeem yourselfs by getting Bill Paxton to show up!… seriously though, please add more guests, Jason Momoa is cool and all, but he's been to a few SM shows (if i'm not mistaken), and when he was introduced as a guest; it was like it was going to be somebody HUGE. Even the comic artists are looking poor… can you not bring Mike Ploog back?
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