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Supernatural - S5 - Episode 5 Discussion

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um... okaaaay.


Ever since i found out about Paris Hilton i have to say i was not looking forward to this episode. and my fears about her not actually being able to act were not unfounded! tut.


i was expecting a house of wax reference but an entire wax museum??? really??? *facepalm*


but i did love the boys story arch. It was great to see them come together again at the end of th last epiode but i should have know it wasnt going to be easy. Poor sam when he overheard Dean on the phone. though we are all, including Sam, jumping to conclusions. Dean could have been blaming himself, for the first seal or even simply not watching out for his brother like he feels he shoud. *shrug*


I also like how Sam addressed the fact that he was actually trying to get away from his big brother. Dean has always protected Sam like a kid brother, and Sam hasnt been a kid for a very long time. It was nice to see that play out on screen.


Also... the coming soon bit on the end!!! oh my!!! sometimes i wish they wouldnt show those things. but i was happy to see an old character pop up anyways.


so yeah... there is my two pence worth. What did we all think?



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the gandi thing was very funny if not predictable,

Paul McGillion made me smile for own personal reasons.

i actually liked how bad paris hilton was,it suited it perfectly.



sammy still needs a cuddle though

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I watched this episode yesterday when I was back home for the weekend. Thank God for Sky + :D I thought it was very good. Although, when Sam overheard Dean on the phone, I did "awww" quite a bit. I love Dean, but I definitely thought that was harsh. I was hoping that perhaps it was just us jumping to conclusions and assuming he was blaming Sam, but I don't think it was. If only we really could give Sam a hug! I do like how the story between the brothers is playing out and although I feel sorry for Sam, I'm Team Dean all the way and can understand how he feels betrayed. Ahhhh can't wait for the next episode.

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