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LFCC 07 Facebook Group

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Hi guys


Just a message for any facebook users out there (I know there are a few of you). A couple of weeks ago all the events disappeared from my facebook profile which is a bit naff because there were loads of pphotos posted on there.


As it turns out Facebook automatically deletes events about a month after the event (not sure why) so other than the events page being a kind of place holder, they are kinda pointless for photo sharing.


I know many of you uploaded loads of your photos to your facebook pages so you could share them all so I have no created a "Group" for people who went to LFCC 07.


London Film and Comic Convention 2007 (LFCC 07)


I have put a load of my pics back on there and there are some cool videos too. If you use facebook please join and share your pics, videos too. At least this time they wont all get deleted.


Oh and if you see yourself in a pic please tag it.

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Really nice idea so I joined!



Facebooker! :headscratch:





Btw I joined too Deap, cool idea....

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