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  1. Mine are up Facebook | Collectormania 13 More to come soon
  2. It was John Barrowman, It was nowhere near this crowded on any of the days at CM 12, The guy is huge! Ahem.... As he was only signing on the one day... Coupled with Bank Holiday Shoppers. I don't think it has outgrown The Centre, Its just due to Sunday being the big day.
  3. I didn't get there until 10:05 but still got to squeeze in just after 4:40. How unavailable is that man. Of everyone who wants a piece of him. The women aren't men and the men aren't gay!
  4. In this day and age I would rather attend an event that can see itself for what it truly is. I would but the shirt where the tag-line is, "Eclipse 1 wasn't rubbish. Come to the second one!"
  5. I thought this may be the case too. In that case I would say they are being rather self righteous...
  6. 1. DavidB 2. mousybrown 3. Zarina 4. Wyn 5. Keladryie 6. Adeline 7. Alexius 8. KarenRoss 9. Bonniesrg 10. JennJenn 11. Sabine 12. Katiieee_x 13. leana 14. Lizzy 15. Krypto 16. such_jaunt 17. CosmicAvatar (please!) 18. PhoenixWillRise 19. Lenatalia 20. angiepie 21. jael001 22. Leanne Thorpe (leanneofthedsc) 23. pez 24. Rivaan ("My name is Jack Bauer.." =P) 25. Miss_Bennet 26. Paul 27. Emmeh 28. Sarah 29. Christy 30. Alison 31. Saxby (Lesley Saxby) 32. Oregon-Snowglobe 33. Miss_G 34. Keiralouise 35. Nomi-noo 36. Pandora's Box 37. Lena 38. Pure. Evil. 39. Agent Bristow 40. yvonne80 41. Smart :-) 42. Tiggsy 43. Bernice xxx 44. Selby woopwoop 45. Super_Hiro 46. Bobby 47. the masterq8 48. BLACKKNIGHTS 49. Roxy 50. Catmoo 51. River :) (dvd please!) 52. Cptalbertwesker 53. Kenny 54. Becky (Shirefruit) 55. Matze 3:16 56. Sarkasm 57. Niall826 58. EmmaT 59. k-cat 60. crazyfangirl 61. Seska1 62. Quinny83 63. be_found 64. gem-sanders 65. fray101 66. Jaina 67. Deap
  7. I know I'm gonna get crap for this but as I am anal by nature I must say it. "The Legend Continues" Currently the tag line/slogan for Eclipse 2 Can anyone see an issue with this statement? "Legend" :-a nonhistorical or unverifiable story handed down by tradition from earlier times and popularly accepted as historical. Obsolete. a collection of such stories or stories like them. "Continue" :-to go on after suspension or interruption, to cause to last or endure; Ok so there is a mixture of past and future tense. How, I ask Can something that is in the past and finite, Continue? What does this really matter. Well, It doesn't really but its not correct and that bothers me is all...
  8. The Silver sound like a great option as buying gold I Had to buy my Mrs one too otherwise it would cause issues if I had priority seating and she didnt, now I can get me a silver and her a standard.
  9. Woah! you have got to be more careful when choosing a title and subtitle. I nearly fainted. Is anybody else seeing the problem...
  10. Finally uploaded mine. Here Is the full album Samples:
  11. Thank you, I saw that already and have emailed. Thanks or the help everyone.
  12. Ok if there are any questions email me at regraham@ntlworld.com Any reason PM isn't allowed? I would rather not split the Tickets but If nobody want the pair I can split them. Its just too much hassle for myself and showmasters who have probably already jumped through hoops to allow this So I cant be cheeky and ask any more of them at this point. It would also confuse things with the Hotel booking Assuming I can give that away too
  13. Hi Everyone, I had recently posted that I cannot make it to eclipse I have contacted Massive Events who have allowed me (in these circumstances) to exchange my tickets with someone else. I need to clear up the details at this point but my understanding is that someone pay me for my already purchased tickets and then we contact showmasters who can transfer the names and details of the tickets over to you. I also have a "premium room" booked at the hotel which if possible I can give away too I haven't contacted the hotel yet but I will update details here as soon as I get them, I may not be able to give the room specifically to a certain person I may only be able to cancel it and let it go to whomever calls 1st. I am not touting the tickets I only want what I paid for them. I figure the fairest way to do this is to let you all know that as of 7.00pm This coming Sunday I will make a new post, offering the tickets to the 1st person who replies to that topic. I will give my personal details to this person so we can talk and arrange as immediate payment as possible. failure to arrange some kind of payment within 48 hours will result in the tickets being offered to the next person who replies. I will need the 1st person to reply to be able to contact me that evening via phone so we can talk about the arrangements. I will update soon with the Hotel Booking Details but as of now this is just a heads up that I at 7pm on Sunday 17th Febuary 2008 there will be 2 Gold passes available via me. They are being exchanged from me to you, you are not getting anything less that any other gold pass holder. For any private questions before Sunday please PM me, I will not take bribes or extra payment so please don't ask.
  14. Hi Jola You gave me your email address last night to sort out an issue but as I was at work I did not write it down, Now I see the post was deleted but could you PM me or post your address again so I can contact you Thanks
  15. For those of you who watched season 2 who are not aware yet I found this preview of Chapter 3: Villans. Unfortunately it has been cammed and it is difficult to work out some of the dialogue but its a nice taste of what we all are expecting. The following video may be a spoiler for those of you who have not seen all of Season 2. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Source: The 10th Wonder Podcast (17-12-07) "A short teaser for Volume 3 of Heroes, entitled Villains, aired at the Jules Verne Festival in France over the weekend." [spoiler LINK] Season 3 Trailer [spoiler LINK] Does anyone else listen to "The 10th Wonder Podcast"?
  16. I always seem to get stick for going to conventions. I'm 23 and unlike a lot of other people my age I don't spend all my money getting drunk at random pubs and clubs. I don't care what creamfields are/is and feel I have a greater calling than standing round and rowdily shouting I'd hit that. I don't consider myself weird. In fact I'm quite a normal person with a good group of mates. I'm not a sad loner but when people ask me about going to conventions, I always get comments saying I'm a sad loner geek. I am a geek and proud of it but that does not go hand in hand with being a loner. Do any of you lot need to put up with this rubbish too? people are surprised to hear that I spend hundreds of pounds each time. I've already paid over 500 for me and my Mrs to go to eclipse and that is before the event has even started.
  17. Would you be willing to make more for other people? I like the one I had but needs a better one as the split goes right up to the waistband on mine and is somewhat more revealing than I'd hoped.
  18. lol, I'm glad I had someone else do mine. Wow I think that the costume is going to be popular at eclipse, I wanted the Takezo Kensei suit but they are expensive. I had someone else do mine too, I find that the less stressful way to do most jobs.
  19. We really need to clarify If we can pay for more signings. If we can I want 2 or 3 from each. Are we to assume all the guests attending will be there for all 3 days?
  20. Thanks that's what I was after, I'm working on some for Eclipse. I really want to paint them myself but I don't have the time.
  21. I'm going to create an image for each guest and have it printed on an 8x10 canvas. I was really happy with the last ones I did like this.
  22. (The title was meant to say "Town, City or Country") of all the spellchecking I do you may think that I wold sometimes pay attention to the topic title. There seem to be a few posts flying round regarding who is coming from where. I'm not complaining I like this Idea, I like to know if there are other people from my local town going to the convention, It lets me know the radius my geekdom spans before convergeing with another. Can anyone think of a better way we can all compare our locales without creating a topic for every town in the country? I figured the best idea would be to post on one board if you want to disclos where you are coming from. I'm coming from Nottingham, Specifically Giltbrook, Nottingham (AKA known as "Ikea", Nottingham)
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