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CSI: the ship/slash thread!

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The whole attraction to ships is the "will they wont they?" part of it... I think I would just love it if they would get soooo close like a thought about kiss? just so close and then... NO. Bam that would be awesome... Tension makes for good ship couples! :lol:

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Back on topic, I have spent the last few days on another forum trying to explain to a member the appeal of slash pairings. Tonight, finally, I think I did it! Any one else have any good reasons for slashing that I can use to back up my argument?

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Because it seems right? Well if you watch something (and if your head is on in a particular way lol) sometimes same sex relationships seem right. There is chemistry between two people or characters and so, the opportunity to slash seems too good to miss.... Some things are just wrong... Grissom/Greg for instance *shudders* but Greg/Nick yes...


But I'm a slasher at heart so it's probably a bit biased asking me! Haha :D

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That's pretty much what I said to her!! :huh: She ships Greg/Sara, so I got her to think of the reasons she ships those 2 characters and made her see that we have the same reasons for shipping N/G. Because we love them and it 'feels right'


And I don't like reading Gil/Greg slash either, so I just avoid it! If that's what someone's into, cool. But I'm not. :D

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I voted for CSI! :wub: though it was slightly evil to have Waking the Dead as an option :wub:


voted for randoms for the most part! :lol: am I the only one who doesn't like soaps?! :gorgeous:



anyways back to SHIP/SLASH!!!! :wub:


last night was very ship for sara/griss I feel :firedevil:


and and Rach your fic ROCKS dude! *huggles * ;)


Luv sah xx

ps-you might wanna post the tv guide link in the pinned CSI topic :wub:



edit: typos!

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