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  1. I'm rarely on here these days but i really have to agree with you all that this guy really is a total LEGEND and one of the best guests i've had the pleasure of meeting!! He was an absolute treat i would totally love to see him at another SM event in the future, please!!
  2. first time on here in AGES!!!! So glad you gave me my own category!!! LOL looking forward to seeing you next weekend!!!
  3. thanx a million for allowing me the chance to crew again!!! it was fun as always :) Donna :)
  4. Fiondra


    hi andrea thanx for being a great pit boss :) it was fun :) Donna
  5. hiya matt :) yeah i'll be in mk, just crewing on sun tho but will be around all weekend :) aand caroline not sure about dec yet, not looking like it atm but hopefully something'll change and i'll be able to make it :) really hope i can :)
  6. LOL hiya Caroline :) was great to meet you too :) hahahahaha had lots of fun :) hopefully get to crew with you again soon :) sorry so late replying,only just getting online now was great meeting matt and the others too :)
  7. gotta go for jeffey dean morgan, tho he is always busy, so would be very difficult to get him as for the brothers!!! its too hard to choose between them!! but i think jensen would have the bigger following!!
  8. hi Stuart HAPPY BIRTHDAY hope you have a fab day
  9. replied hopefully get to crew again :)
  10. LOL no probs miss you too!! and the 4 million texts a day LOL and 3hr phone calls!!! LOL but I have good news!! you may already have noticed but gmex has been moved to summer so thats one less show you miss :) so something to smile about :) saw your pics!!!! you havta do that linky thing so anne can see them!!
  11. You're welcome :) lol LOl maybe it was jetlag??? LOL hope you get them sorted, now you found that mem stick Keep having fun :)
  12. LOL Hello!! Hope you've got over your hangover!! LOL Glad to hear you're having fun sorry the weather is miserable!! post lots of pics and party with the group!!! Have lots of fun, no sleep and plenty of drinkies shame on people for making comments! LOL who'd do a thing like that??
  13. Fiondra

    LFCC crew e-mails

    thanx stuart :) received and replied :)
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