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  1. Congrats hun See you in a few weeks I am sure A x
  2. Minxster

    Shaban's C14 pics!

    Good pocs as usual hun appart from the one where I look startled !! A x
  3. Minxster


    Thank you for all your help at the weekend See you all again soon Andrea X
  4. Minxster


    Roll on the next one !!! X
  5. Minxster


    Thank you to all the ladies that helped me run the green room so smoothly over the weekend. See you at the next event Andrea B x
  6. Oops ! not good. Was great to see you again at the weekend x
  7. Had a fab time as always. See you and Sarah at the next event
  8. LOL guessed you would be first cant see what 2 you have posted for some reason just blank boxes. Was good to see you & Mark again at the weekend A x
  9. Nooooo Not Warrick ................. We need more cuties !!!
  10. There you go. I did it for you. Thank you !
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