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  1. One of the Batmans like Michael Keton or Val Kilmer?
  2. One of the Batmans like Michael Keton or Val Kilmer? Adam West would be cool to
  3. The same lot I always ask for, Pauly Shore Sienna Guillory Peter Chung Peter Weller Dwight Schultz Michael Jai White Kevin Conroy Billy West Chevy Chase And get back Robert Patrick! He is awesome!!!
  4. Yeah where the guest at for 2013?
  5. Will we ever get all 4 boys from the Dwarf?
  6. Excellent news! Hopefully it won't be a mad as LFCC was last year with this being a smaller event.
  7. Why isn't Robert Llewellyn doing Cardiff?
  8. In keeping with unrealistic guest guesses i'm gonna say Charlize Theron, and umm i don't know Christian Bale? Ooh but a Batman guess would be good like Micheal Keaton or Val Kilmer! But i think even they are unlikely. I would say David Duchovny is a good bet, he could probably do with the extra cash!
  9. Well who ever it is i'm sure I'll be either very excited or majorly disappointed, that usually how these thing go, isn't it?
  10. Excellent!!! Finally a guest worth making the trip to London for! I would've thought he was in more than 37 episodes of X-Files?
  11. Willow is an awsome movie, get Warwick Davis back this year too!
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