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  1. Have some ultra rare battles in time cards if you need any. check me out on facebook so you know who to look for if you need any
  2. Packed at last that is until i get there then find out i left tickets and half the stuff i need to get signed like i did last time. Must double check in the morning. If you see someone rocking in a corner head in hands it`s me i`ve forgotten something important.
  3. Hope he brings his brother. He awesome and would fit in. Also knows what to expect as he as been told all about the things that go on at the Hub.
  4. Hi Moonshine We are stopping at the park inn so if you drop anything off early let us know will be knocking around from 12ish. Only got silver so will not be at the reception
  5. Only bit of advice i can give anyone who as never been to a con is don`t pack a watch. They don`t seem to work when you get there. Things work on ish time or close enough not dead on time.
  6. Less than 96 hours. This is not good saturday night out fit not yet finished and the local sewing shop doesn`t open till thursday. T-shirts and my posters not yet printed due to the fact i haven`t finished them yet. Think it`s time to turn up the music and get some work done. As for packing not even going there yet. Anyway see you all Friday
  7. Don`t know if this counts but my daughters is on the 16th. Better add that she will be 8
  8. Both of you will be missed at these events. See you at he Hub for the party. Cake is nice check this link to my facebook photos http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=3049...p;id=1447970454
  9. Had a great time. well run as always. Hats off to Derek and the crew for pulling it all off. Cannot wait for the next one. Need the cavegirl there again
  10. Though for a moment it maybe be my daughter as she`s been to so many showmaster events lately but she`s on holiday. so i`m going with Gillian Anderson for another x-files guest
  11. Leaving nottingham around 9.30 should get there by 12. looking forward to this.
  12. I know its along way off but every other evnent as this thread. Any news on what the themes may be
  13. Normal works like collectormania. Good idea to bring your own if there is something specific you want signing
  14. i was at all three events he cancelled so it would be nice to see him at Bad Wolf. Maybe Bernard Cribbins as well
  15. coming from Tatooine to meet up with some of my associates. My ship is in for a service at Mos Eisley, this is just outside Nottingham .
  16. which site? booking.com only a few left thanks your a life saver! Just need a roomie now! glad i could help. hope you have a great time. if you see me come and say hi always looking for new convention friends. i`ll be dragging my daughter around with me and the wife.
  17. He`s my fav as well thats who my daughter watched from 6 months old. Hope you are going to Time quest Jason if so i`ll see you there for some nutty stories from Mr Baker
  18. there maybe rooms left at the park inn if you book through someone else was showing available on one site at least.
  19. registration is 5pm friday 7.30am saturday 8am sunday there are 2 parties one friday night one saturday night that normally start around 8pm autograph sessions, photo sessions(depending on ticket type) and guest talks run from 9am till 4pm ish thats if it runs like Bad Wolf in July. there may be coffee lounges with certain guests if it as the same format as Bad Wolf. there is also a dealers room. if you have never been to one the best thing to do is sit back relax and enjoy they are great events hope to see you there mick
  20. i haven`t seen her mentioned anywhere so let me just say thank you for bring Lara Phillipart to the event my daughter loved her to bits and had great fun meeting her.
  21. don`t do what i did a few years ago . i put my clock forward then wondered why my dad was offering me a cup of tea and not sunday dinner
  22. i thought i had booked a quite weekend away. now i find out there is a convention on. looks like i will have to bring my party frock on a serious not still not packed still not sorted everything i need to get signed and the printers have let me down on my poster. still got one day left for things to fall in to place
  23. going all in with plan 9 from outer space. Bela Lugosi who appears in the film died before filming began
  24. it was only a suggestion personally it doesn`t bother me. like most people i was expecting it. Cannot wait for the parties and the other guest who i have not met before.
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