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  1. I'm with you dude, positive thinking and fingers crossed for Elijah :) though if they get Dominic Monaghan I will die a happy man :)
  2. Stepster

    Bitten 4

    Nooooooooooooooooooo Bitten can't end. These are the best cons ever and bitten 2 my fave of all time , the only reason I can't be at b3 is cause I'm in new zealand this sumner and only found comfort in the thought off at least I'll be able to go to b4 so please please don't cancel these conventions. It can't end like this
  3. I agree very upset over 2 months notice as I can't go now and know a few others who are also very disappointed.
  4. I've been looking forward to this event for ages and now we get a date and it's in sept and I'm away. So gutted. Usually get lots of notice for cons and now this ones in 2 months thought it wud be late or early next year when eventually announced. So gutted I can't go it's heartbreaking.
  5. Lol Rob you literally are the friendliest person in this forum :)
  6. So I get off at west brom? Thank you is the venue far from the station ? Cheers again
  7. Help I'm a little confused. Can someone pls tell me the best way to get there from Victoria ( I don't know London to well) thank you
  8. Do you think it's very likely poses will be out, otherwise it was pointless to buy multiple photo shoots for myself and I'm sure for others. I'm not thinking acrobatic hand stands here ppl jus maybe the odd back to back or sonic pointing lol
  9. Already brought two but so tempted for one more lol is tht too greedy :)
  10. Lol Id ask for a hug if I wasn't so spineless lol probably turn to jelly when I meet my fave doc (after u of course) But I was smart and did rob a bank heh heh so got 2 shot to think about :)
  11. Doh, ahhh mate how on earth are u going to chose which pose to do? Time to Rob a bank me thinks heh heh I'm guessing u might go with classic pointing sonic scewdrivers at the screen pose :) tht wud look cool
  12. Hey DavidB Was hoping you wouldn't mind answering a quick question for me, as u seem to be the go to guy Basically I brought my dt photo shoot within minutes of it going on sale so I will likely have an early number, however yesterday I thought I wud treat myself to a second photo ( why not eh) and will assume there numbers will be far apart. So my question is will I have to que twice for my pics ie if I have number 27 and 230 will they likely let me do both pics when I'm first called or make me come back later for the second? cheers matey :)
  13. Hey doc Was just wondering how many dt photo shoots did u buy in the end?
  14. Ok I'm getting annoyed and cud do with being rescued here:( Been trying to be for hours now and the site where u buy tickets and photos isn't working. First off it never recognises my correct username and I have to click change password Every time to log in ( why is there only a forgotten password option and not username?) Doesn't make any difference as I know the username is right but still it never recognises it Second it keeps asking me to fill in my address details I have left blank- NONE are left blank Getting very frustrated and wud love any kind help on offer- just wanna buy some photo shoot tickets And oh yes just wondering why do we have to keep paying £2.50 recoreded delivery for photos. I brought a tennant one yesterday, then wanted to buy Georga moffats today and have to pay again for it to be sent, why can't they just been sent together? I mean say another big guest is announced and I want t order there photo do I Really have to pay Another £2.50, seems crazy Thanks in advance kind ppl :)
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