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  1. Always thought he played old Darth Vader not an old Trooper
  2. In 1997 I attended a Babylon 5 con at the Norbreck Castle Hotel in Blackpool, and I believe 3.500 people attended over 4 days. How's that? i was there
  3. Coming from Nottingham. Going Carlisle next weekend then back to London weekend after. Went to LA in Feb for a con
  4. Happy Birthday t o you both. 20th wedding anni on the 13th if that counts
  5. Is there something happening this weekend Must be missing something somewhere
  6. This could be along the lines of a production company , publisher or premier of something as it is not a guest. Not guessing which though as Jason as a habit of pull some strange rabbits out of his hat :)
  7. Didn't see many complaints when Kai turned up at Hub 3. I have been to too many of these events to know things can alter on the day. I always take everything i need signing to these events just on the off chance someone turns up.
  8. The workshop was fab - especially the hour and 15 minutes it went on past the end time, lol! (and please say I'm not the only one who sort of wants to write a story involving 16 elephants now...) No, you're definately not the only one *sees elephants walking into Microsoft Word* Pretty sure I'm the only one who'd like to keep in touch with the other workshop attendees though ...I'm kinda strange like that Workshop was great. Wouldn't mind keeping in touch. I was the dumbo who asked about Famous five . Still trying to work out how to get 4 kids a dog and 16 elephants into an episode of Sarah Jane but give me time.
  9. Hope not my sides still hurt from the Hub can`t take much more of that We could ask the same question during the talks this time
  10. Ruth is a very nice person to meet . She was also at Time Quest 2 earlier this year. Go say hi to her and make her feel welcome she doesn`t bite and she is a big who fan.
  11. guests in cosplay this could start a new trend. Already have (and read) your book , but i will come and visit you in the dealers room, need info on book 2 Tom needs a girl friend.
  12. Normally starts around 9am with reg desk opening earlier. there is a break for lunch and closes around 5. If it is the same as last year talks and signings over lap.
  13. Thank you Shel - much appreciated! Glad you like the pics too! :-) Starfighter, your links go to private pages only :-( sorry default settings try again i have altered them. Brain still spinnong from the last hub talk
  14. Hey there, which Hatter were you because I think there were two or three? Were you the one who posed with the four of us for some photos? (I was the one in the blue Little Bo Peep dress with the tray of lamb chops, and the other girls were the yellow Goldilocks with the severed teddies, the one with the bronze wire wings and the gothic Little Red.) Let me know if you are; I'll be posting some of the pics from the party on here at some point but I could give you copies if these are the ones you mean :) Check the links below i had my daughter with me and the wife was in a pink wig http://www.flickr.com/photos/starfighter101/4515746560/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/starfighter101/4515117367/ will be adding more soon
  15. Anyone got photos of me dressed as the hatter if so can you send them me please
  16. The last talk was the best i`ve seen at the hub and i`ve been to them all. This is one dvd that will not get released. Susan Brown and Ian Gelder were brill. i think this one even surprised Jason and Mark
  17. No laptop. There was a 50/50 chance that I would have to work tomorrow. Didn't find out until tonight. So I had plan to work and come back home. Not needed so going back to the Hub tomorrow! although this will kill me just as much as jewel, lets see the photo shoot pics, with or without area 51 censorship lol if your on facebook add me, love seeing ppls photoshoots, lets me see what I could get in future cons lol though sometimes i cry over missed opportunities lol, tootall needs to arrange for jewel to return to a cm event! and naoko! not certain who you are on face book but if you want to add me i will be putting up photos later tomorrow
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