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  1. But I'm not the one saying I'm the 'Worlds Largest Autograph Show' Judging by the last show, how is this now a true and honest statement? Lets get back on track! :)
  2. There's no fun in playing safe Simondo! :) I'd like hollywood legends and moonwalkers, not background stars and shuttlers!. Lets get this back to the 'worlds greatest autograph show' again next year!.
  3. Weren't you seen in the West End a few nights ago (see other thread). Is there something you want to tell us?
  4. If it went well financially is there any hope of two shows in 2012? Maybe we should get Fred to talk to all of the other moonwalkers, so we get more than one next time! :)
  5. Whilst I appreciate the responce, I struggle to believe that this was carried out as discribed. The fact that it was even mentioned in a meeting makes it even more puzzling. As I wandered around I can only recall seeing a handful of luminous bands. Mine everybody elses was tucked under the sleeve of my jumper, and nobody ever challenged me to see it. It seems bizarre that an event that struggles to break even, has seemingly non-existance ticket checks.
  6. I went today, and had a pleasant experience. Although not as good as the Birmingham venue, the free parking outside does compensate. It really is a maze inside, in fact I only found the dealer room by chance (and this isn't my first time!). I felt a bit sorry for Johnny Johnson too. He seemed completely isolated. The checking of wristbands was non existent. After the ease to get in free last time, this really should have been tightened. Whilst I loved the relaxed style of the event. Turn out seemed generally very low. Other than the space guys which provided a small buzz around the place, the rest looked very quiet. The general feel of the event did feel so much more friendlier, at Birmingham with the 'security' it often feels more about ego's and power trips. But the two ladies on Edgar's stand couldn't have been more friendly, personable, or helpful. The lady on the front desk was also warm and welcoming. I was done in a few minutes. I have no idea what you guys do over the whole weekend. Maybe you were all at the bar?. I can't believe its another 12 months until the next one. I'm pleased with my autographs. Cheers Dave.
  7. My original question was intentionally vague, so not to open a can of worms. But what I was getting at, was that following the high level of debate about the guest list. Are numbers lower than usual, the same, or even higher?.
  8. How was it in terms of numbers of attendees? Did the lack of Buzz etc make any difference?.
  9. I was only thinking today that apart from the massive cancellation of Buzz, it had been almost too quiet!. This only made me more nervous that you were keeping some secrets. I'm glad to be proved wrong.
  10. I hate West Ham. I'm glad they didn't get their hands on it.
  11. Count + Sky Sports I'd never believe it!!
  12. Shouldn't this be made a 'sticky' at the top?. It's already sinking down the page.
  13. Who is it that you're dressing up as?.
  14. This isn't just a 'few people' living in the extreme areas of the country though. This is anybody living north of London!. Collectormania Glasgow tiny in comparison to any of the shows they run, and is therefore not a show many on the whole would consider travelling large distances to go to. As Dufrese said, we're not judging the show, only its poor choice in terms of location.
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