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  1. Yodas'stuntman

    Announcement Friday 28th 7pm

    That’s exactly what I’ve done for 6.59
  2. Yodas'stuntman

    Guest announcement Thursday 23rd at 7pm

    Sean Bean or Lena Headey please
  3. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest Guest Announcement - JAMES CAAN

    This is probably one of my favourite guests you’ve got in in the many years I’ve been coming an absolute Hollywood legend! Love the godfather films and probably one of my fave Christmas films as well lol
  4. Yodas'stuntman

    latest Guest Announcement - CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT

    Im gonna have to get a mortgage at this rate!!
  5. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM SIZEMORE

    Awesome guest SM
  6. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest Guest Announcement - LEA THOMPSON

    Excellent. She's one of the nicest guests i have ever met and still very stunning.
  7. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest guest announcement - DENIS LAWSON

    Iv'e gotta say i am mighty impressed with this one! I didnt think for one minute he would do a convention.
  8. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest Guest Announcement: SEAN PERTWEE

    Awesome guest SM
  9. Yodas'stuntman

    Linda Hamilton

    Gotta agree with everyone on this. I had a fantastic big hug for my photo and a kiss on the lips when i went and she is so down to earth i loved her. One of the nicest guests ive ever met.
  10. Yodas'stuntman

    Why are Stalls in the Warm and Guests in the cold ?

    When i saw Patrick Stewart yesterday about 3.45pm he wasn't there because of the cold. I was told if enough people are in the queue to bring him back then they would. Thats understandable because of his age but not great if you want to get him or someone he knows back for us again. I had a great time yesterday but nearly missed out on Patrick because he may not have come back out. Just wonder whether its the best enviroment and venue to get high calibre guests like Patrick to come back or there in the first place? Im not so sure.
  11. Yodas'stuntman

    Julian Glover photo shoot?

    Loving that idea! Id pay for that one!
  12. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest Guest Announcement - PATRICK STEWART

    Massively huge guest SM!! Will defo be getting a photoshoot!!
  13. Yodas'stuntman

    Latest Sports Announcement - KEVIN BEATTIE

    Being a season ticket holder at Ipswich i can confirm this is Kevin. I recommend meeting him if you are a footy fan the guys an absolute gent and will talk to you till the cows come home. And yeah Sir Bobby said he was the most gifted centre half and one of the most gifted players he's ever worked with and bearing in mind he worked at Barcelona, PSV and with England thats very high praise indeed. Just very unfortunate with an operation he had when he was younger that was done by a doctor that wasnt his own normal one and never properly recovered after.
  14. Yodas'stuntman

    New Guest Announcement

    Well i know James Earl Jones is in a play in London so kinda hope its him to go with the Star Wars theme!!