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  1. favorite mug was the weight watchers one
  2. chrono

    Hub 7

    Yay i can go live in London :)
  3. chrono

    Hub 7

    Details i wasnt there ^^
  4. I was at the last event it was like instinct took a day of before exams just to see her. Missed photoshoots almost cried >< but she had a photo and its soo sad she dosnt realise how influential she was. Its only since the tribute it reli sunk in RIP x
  5. Thanks soo excited jumping around literally been within the hr or so i decided :) so fast C Your registration letter will be posted 1st class and your pack will be available for collection at the event as normal. Should Royal mail have a snafu, I'll have record of your name on the door so you'll still be able to register provided that you have photo ID with you.
  6. Ok gonna bujy tickets today (house plans fell through so got sum spare cash thanks to student fiancne haha and gives me extra month or so cheap at parents) WOOOOOHOOOO But will they be posted or will i pick up? C
  7. I came for Miss Sladen and absolutely she was adorable. We had a chat, hand shake, joke and a photo I wanted a photoshoot and was told they sold out (almost cried had tears literally came for her) and she was more than happy to have a photo on my mobile. Thank you showmasters helpers and the lovely lady who took my photo iv been smiling all day :)
  8. OMG sooo cant wait coming to see elisabeth sladen (legend) and have a question about autographs. Do we buy autgraphs and they sign all day? (except shoots and talks) or how does it work are there groups, ticket numbers etc. Also are there limits on photos really really want a photo with her but dont want to miss out. Thank You
  9. OMG i dont care i have to find a way to come even if it means commuting each morning
  10. I know this is a tough time, and hope the thread dont sound silly, but a lota people from the hub are studying and now is a bisy time for them. Much luck to you all, and if you come october may this be a reward
  11. chrono

    Party Themes

  12. I had a few but Cush at her intimate encounter wrote "To Chris my Greenwich buddy, love Cush"
  13. I love these events and the people who i have befriended is amazing, both those i know the names and dont (sorry) but hope to stay in contact with those i have met or have contact with now. I come now for friends and people who I would like to meet but not sure if i should or shouldnt. Advice ....
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