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  1. Shame MK is going to 1 event a year, I will say I never miss an MK event & always enjoy them, guests or no guests I want to see. But, once a year fair enough & understand the reasons behind it. Lets hope the one MK show a year in future will be a blast but not too big that its too much like LFCC. The MK attraction for me is that is a smaller, slower paced event. T.
  2. Richard Rawlins (Gas Monkey Garage) Any of the Gas Monkey Garage guys Jesse James (bike builder) Tom Savini
  3. Wrestlers Kevin Nash Scott Hall Sean Waltman Actress Pauley Perrette Virginia Hey
  4. At LFCC there was a stall selling lots of American sweets etc inc Twinkies, I was going to buy some stuff from them but after going out for some fresh air I was unable to get back in before I had to leave :-( Does anyone know who they are ? or if they will be at MK in November ? or if they have a website / shop as I want to buy some stuff from them. Cheers!
  5. Kevin Nash (for a return visit) Scott Hall Sean Waltman David Emge Ken Foree Gaylen Ross Scott Reiniger Tom Savini Howard Sherman Greg Nicotero Would like to see these guys banded together at the same show
  6. Hi ho peeps! Im Tanner, im from London & Essex, been going to Showmasters events for years, I was a member on here years ago but long since lost my old log in details, but I have re-joined today as I least I can interact fully rather than just reading about what's going on. Very much looking forward to #LFCC this weekend Feel free to tweet me if your at the event & say hi T.
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