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  1. Dennis Lawson

    Geez, i realised that there was no limit to the items to be signed when the guy (luckily) behind me in Biehn's queue had 29 items to be signed!! 29!!! (as i'm used to the "3 items maxi" german rule, it was my second day queuing for signatures from Michael, as i had 4 to be signed (mine plus 3 gifts for friends)... would i have known, i would have had all 4 signed in one go!!) There really should be a rule against so many items per person...
  2. Adrian Paul

    Yes they filmed Highlander in Paris for quite a long while. He lived on a boat on the Seine during filming. I explained to him he scared the living hell out of one of my friend in Paris,who was taking a shortcut to his house, after a party, around 3AM when he heard metal clashing and saw in the distance two guys fighting with swords.. He only noticed the cameras a minute later... so he wondered first if he was getting totally nuts..
  3. Anyone Cosplaying ?

    I was in my "Chai the Koala" outfit (personal character) for a short while both days...(far too hot to endure for long)
  4. Some problems with the weekend.

    There was a fire alarm? completely missed that event...
  5. Photos

    Michael Biehn and me:) Donald Fullilove and me Cary Elwes Donald again (he refers to me as "Koala Cookie" cause i wore my koala fursuit for a while both days) Paul Goddard Noah Attaway (who to my surprise spoke perfect french!) Christopher Judge Adrian Paul (who is also a french-speaker!) Cary Elwes and me:) .. and again
  6. He was really nice, yes.. Even squeezed my butt when i was in my koala suit!! He was a bit surprised when he realized that it wasn't padding, but my actual a** in there...:) We kept laughing about it each time i passed by..:)
  7. Who stood out ?

    Yeah, at some point, he asked to see my feet... so i had to try to get my foot up on the table... he played with my claws there :) He was lovely..:)
  8. thoughts on david soul

    I met him on saturday for the signing of my pitcure and he seemed a bit tired, that's true.. But he was nice, smiled and shaked my hand nevertheless. I was happy he personnalized my photo, as i hate when actors don't personnalise (like P. Stewart).. i mean without a personnalization, i feel like you could have bought it anywhere... (and sometimes for less money than when you actually meet them)... so it doesn't feel that "special" to me.. On sunday, i met him while in my koala costume and that was a really great experience... He waved for me to come closer, shook my paws, made some nice comments about the costume... Was great to interact with him "in the fur":)
  9. Who stood out ?

    I am searching for pictures of my koala costume... If anyone has any, please LMK :) Thanks Chai, the Koala
  10. Cosplay Pre-registration open

    Anyway..it's sent now to the right address....
  11. Cosplay Pre-registration open

    You should correct it on the website then, cause i doubt i'm the only one who tried that... Sending it again...now
  12. Cosplay Pre-registration open

    Sent it at "cosplayatsm@googlemail.com", as indicated on the website... Where should i send it?
  13. Cosplay Pre-registration open

    Sent an application.. no news since.. today i sent two pictures (which normally wouldn't be needed as they are personal costumes)... Hope i'll be able to join!!
  14. Personalisations from Nimoy?

    Speaking of Mr. Nimoy's auto's... Did anyone else notice that the photo provided by SM and that is from Star Trek 6 (red uniform) is a mirror image?? That bugs me.. but i had no choice but to take it....(as i collect autos of the orignal cast in this uniform, cause it's my fave movie...)