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  1. Seriously? Zachary Quinto £75. Is this a joke?!!! I think it would be safe to book every guest here and they would be constantly busy, however, I can see Quinto spending the weekend twiddling his thumbs.
  2. Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Chris Pine and Ian Holm. Yes to all of these!
  3. Not at the event, but Steve Martin played at the Hammersmith Apollo on the Friday and was very nice and signed autographs for those who waited after the gig.
  4. No I wouldn't think so as he has such a wide variety of films. 'Toy Soldiers', 'California Man' and '50 First Dates' are a few that come to mind. He would be much more popular at a collectormania event or LFCC rather than a LOTR con. Anyway...... more Goonies please!!!!
  5. I'll get mine up soon but it'll be great to see other people's signed gear. Always good to see other people's posters!
  6. Clive Barker and Ashley Laurence - Hellraiser US One Sheet Clive Barker - Hellraiser Japanese Poster Veronica Cartwright - Alien UK Quad Corey Feldman - Goonies US One Sheet Christpher Lambert - Highlander Lobby Card Christopher Lloyd and Lea Thompson -BTTF Lobby Card Walter Koenig - Wrath of Khan UK One Sheet
  7. With Veronica Cartwright already attending, Ian Holm would be a nice last minute guest to add to my Alien poster.
  8. Hellraiser photoshoot!!!! Woohooo! Bad time to be unemployed though.
  9. Clive Barker, Ashley Laurence, Christopher Lambert, Mark Patton and Corey Feldman.
  10. Would love to meet him for Alien
  11. Awesome to have Corey Feldman. Thanks showmasters :)
  12. Clive Barker, Veronica Cartwright, Ashley Laurence,Christopher Lambert, Mark Patton and now Corey Feldman.....the best line-up ever! Don't think it could get any better than this!
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