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  1. I'm 37. I cosplay. I'll cosplay when I'm 57. go for it!
  2. Hi! I'll give you a bit of feedback on the cosplay event, if that's ok? Great show btw :) it was cool to have stuff like sweets & water to hand, some costumes can be hot and tiring to wear all day! hehe. Masquerade: I was slightly taken aback by the music not starting until I pretty much got on stage. What I mean is that you're only there for a minute at most, so you walk to the stage has to count. I would have picked a different tune had I known that? And the stage was really tiny! Try and see if you can get a bit more of a catwalk set up for next year, if you want to encourage costuming at the event. It doesn't have to be a massive stage, just a bit bigger! Oh! And the cosplay desk could do with a better sign :) Cheers xx
  3. I'm not the girl you're asking about, but I saw you wandering about, and just wanted to you how cool you looked, wyrdsister Thanks hun :) Still looking for the girl!
  4. I cosplayed Loki. I'm so sorry I didn't make it back on time! I got caught up with photo stuff. If that is you, I'm would gladly to help you with your dissertation. If you know who I'm on about, please let her know this post is here. :) Thanks!
  5. We usually limit the entry to 3 minutes to allow enough time for everyone to get on stage without feeling too rushed. Wyrd...I'm not sure. What is your entry to the masquerade? and which day? Doh! Loki...Sunday :)
  6. ~Hi...have you received my entry? I may have an issue with the spear...it's longer than 1.5 metre, but it's an intrinsic part of the costume...I don't want to cut it down to make it fit ...argh! What to do? Any dispensations allowed? please advise...
  7. I think there's a few of us coming in HP costume on the Saturday :)
  8. Hi Jason, thanks for this poll. Although I would love to meet Christopher Lee, I seem to recall that's roughly what he charges for his autograph on his site, so I guess if you're actually getting to meet (albeit briefly!) the man, it's a bargain. Stan Lee??!!
  9. Interestingly enough, Channel five and the newspaper in question are owned by the same corporation, so they may have given their consent to be interviewed by one and be used for the other without their knowing or realising they actually gave their consent for it to be used! As for the cosplayer, she may have posed, but she didn't gave her permission to be made fun off.
  10. You looked great! Great first costume! And Yeah, it wasn't that cold!
  11. The Weta peeps are really good people to meet, they're really friendly too. Alan Lee and John Howe are a must though :)
  12. I don't post on here very often, but I am a SM veteran, I've been to pretty much all the Milton Keynes shows since C3. We should have "I survived C4" T Shirts! I remember having to drive back on the Monday to meet Elijah Wood, the memories... JRD, would love to meet him again, I also have a sliders pix, as they didn't have an Indy photo, which is what I actually wanted at the time. Dominic Monaghan, the only one of the four I don't have an autograph of. I must say I have a great collection of LOTR Signature, mainly thanks to SM. I think I'd like to go to a 10 year bash :) Holly Cow David, Snap!
  13. Good stuff...what day are you doing the cosplay? What time is the masquarade? By what time do you need to register.
  14. Salut! Je vis en Angleterre, mais je suis francaise. Cafait plaisir de voir qu'il y a d'autre francais qui participe a ces shows!
  15. Thing is if you have a big guest, you don't want to charge too much or it is likely you won't cover your costs. If the celebrity/actor puts in a clause to say they will only sign x amount of items/ see x amount of people, the organiser can then come back and say, there are only x amount of tickets for, say, £100.00. That way they can agree to book the guest with this condition. That way, the attendees who can pay also have a guaranty, of sort, that they are paying for quality as they will not have to be rushed. On the other hand, if the guest agrees to sign as much as physically possible, then the price should be dropped to a reasonable amount to maximise sales. So asking for more money might not actually be the most cost effective way of doing things! It all depends what the actor/ celebrity is willing to do. This is my opinion, I don't work for SM, so I can't say that's how it operates, but it makes sense to me
  16. ok, you can make some gatters to go over the boots, I know of few SW costumers who have used this technique. I'll have a loo for a link if that helps ok, you can make some gatters to go over the boots, I know of few SW costumers who have used this technique. I'll have a loo for a link if that helps This is a friend of mine who makes costumes with cost effectiveness in mind. If you check out her pictures for the SW premiere in NY, there are some pics that might give you some ideas. The Real of the Jedielfqueen Hope that helps )
  17. All I can suggest to you is to get the cheapest fabric/ muselin you can find and make a mock up outfit, that way you will have a better idea of how much of the real ( more expensive) fabric you will need. Also, try places like Dunhelm for fabrics as I have found them quite competitive. Although they do mostly curtain/ upholstery fabrics, but they're worth a look, I've got some real bargains out of there. If you're not attached to your buckles & straps, cut them off or paint them. If you're not sure how to proceed, get yourself a pattern, I think simplicity do Jedi type patterns. You can get them off Ebay, or check you local haberdasheries, Simplicity usually have a half price sale around this time of year.
  18. You have to email the entries. Admitedly they do confuse the issue. The thing is there is NO MASQUERADE. In other words you don't prance about in front of judges. So wear your costume if you like but in order to be considered for a prize you email a photo of your costume (As you wear it) and a photo of the character in the same costume. NOOOOOOOOOOOO....ok half right. from the person that doing this let me set it straight. You come to the venue in costume. You sign up at the venue for the online competition (in costume only), Your e-mail details will be taken on the day along with a photo of you in costume. Registration will be ALL DAY from venue opening time to the venue closing time. Just ask the operations booth where the cosplay sign up place is and they'll point you in the right direction. The pictures will be placed online here in the cosplay area to be judged by you and everyone you know or can get hold of (a link will also be placed in the main forum and the facebook group) after 1 week of voting the winners will be announced for each catagory, they will be contacted by e-mail for their postal details and their prizes will be poasted out to them. any questions? Thanks for that. Are the changing booths being set up again? Will it be just sufficient to hand over a photo on the day of registration, or will I still have to send one via email? Is there an email address to send the photo to? If not, how do I put my picture on the Cosplay site? And, where do I go to look at the photos to make my vote? Its all a lot more complicated than setting up at Milton Keynes don't you think? Considering the huge amount of room at the mall, and that Cosplay doesn't really take up that much room, I'm sure some space could have been allocated. In all honesty, and from past experience of MK costume contests, I don't see this as a bad thing. There really isn't an adequate space in the Centre to put on what the cosplay team want to do. I've been involved in previous contests in MK and they've not worked for me at all. *Ladyd, that was before you were involved.* Steph x
  19. They look like velvet to me Sam, but I could be wrong, and the red fabric looks like mesh...For the jacket, I'd use a cotton mix...
  20. Emma! You can't enter, you'll win...lol I have no objection to you entering at all, you should, your costumes are fab and you deserve the limelight every so often, and I'm sure other cosplayers won't object either. I'll judge lol...( joke, of course!) Lady D, I'll try and get some pictures done for your wall. I have nothing that's any good right now.
  21. Sam, you've got a shield maiden costume! What else do you need ...lol
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