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  1. Mmm maybe because I used my iPad to do it, when you use a computer or laptop with Paypal you do get different fields and options come up? Worth remembering. Anyway I've already heard back from Dave and all is well, so many thanks for your help. Keith
  2. Yes that's what I was looking for, and I assumed the comments field would come up on the Paypal checkout but it didn't? Anyway many thanks for your prompt assistance I'll contact Dave on that email address. Keith
  3. I'm unable to make the event this year due to work commitments, however I have taken advantage of your pre-order service for the Bob Wall autograph. I have paid via Paypal for this service and added the postage and personalisation, but I couldn't find where to add what I wanted Bob to write/personalise, it just didn't seem that clear? Anyway my order is in on this one, fortunately I only need "To Keith" and then signed, do you think this could be done for me? I understand you are going to be pretty busy that weekend. Keith
  4. Okay sorry to ask again as I don't think my question was understood: "Could you please tell me if tickets bought on the 07th June (12 days ago) have been mailed out? Not recieved mine yet, any assistance much appreciated." I'm talking about early bird tickets for Saturday, I had trouble last year too............ Who do I contact to find out if these went out? Cous
  5. Could you please tell me if tickets bought on the 07th June (12 days ago) have been mailed out? Not recieved mine yet, any assistance much appreciated. Cous
  6. To.........."Nothing personal, babe"..........Clare Higgins x.........Julia x To............"Are you teasing us?"..........Barbie Wilde........FCH 2 For.........Best Wishes..........John Hurt To..........Edward Furlong
  7. I attended Saturday and had a list of autographs I wanted to get, amongst them Clare Higgins. I just wanted to say what an absolute pleasure it was to meet her. Clare, unlike any other guests, chose to stand the other side of her signing table (the public side), she greeted everyone with a huge smile and chatted away quite freely. She had a que all day long, which goes to show what a fantastic guest she was, she really made my day. Clare if you read this, a huge thank you!
  8. Huge thanks to Hazel for forwarding my missing ticket........You're a star!! Keith
  9. My tickets arrived in this mornings post.........well not all of them, I was I Eearly Bird short (requested two). Could you please advise my next move to recover the missing ticket?......many thanks. Keith
  10. "Its just a puzzle box"!........To...... love Ashley Laurence "Open the god damned hatch name".....Best....Veronica Cartwright......Lambert.......Alien To..........."Come to Daddy"..... Oliver Smith Christopher Lloyd To....... See you in hell......Doug Bradley (Pin Icon) To........ Firefighter from hell........Simon Bamford (he asked my occupation) To.........Nicholas Vince........(Chatterer Icon with hooks and chain) To......... Alex Kingston
  11. Nuttymummy........ass looks great with Robert's signature This picture you took is the back of my chrome dome and that's my sons arm: And yes you're right, Robert was telling us about a movie he'd been watching on cable TV and recommended we track it down and watch it, he was acting out a quick scene......... This was the third time I'd met Robert and I have to say he is always a pleasure to talk to, a great guy! My son with Robert:
  12. Yes I agree......The £1 hard type clear plastic wallets found at the shows are great for transporting 8x10s around (although I now use a hard opaque box type folder I found in WH Smiths for £4.99 as this way I know my photos won't get bent or creased in transit when I'm at the shows). However as said above by Niallsdad, sometimes after storage in these £1 wallets the ink can pull off in places...........my Robert Englund signed heavily in Gold pen from the London November 09 show has just been taken out of the wallet to frame and a few spots of the sig have pulled off (no prob I will j
  13. Unfortunately Sundays opening/queing was terrible. I queued for 45 mins in the Linda Hamilton line and at 10:00 the doors opened on number 3 gate and people walking past just jumped in, it was a free for all kind of situation,.......unreal! Then to add insult to injury I get to the Linda tent only to find number 4 gate was opened the same time as number 3 and loads more people had jumped in front because 4 gate was closer????? The walk from gate 3 to the VT new que by Linda's tent was a joke with no one staying in line and others just barging in.........this was NOT a good idea SM for tho
  14. Today (Sun) here's my expieriance: First was Linda Hamilton, I had VT 41 so only a short wait of about 30 mins. Linda was the perfect guest, not only does she greet you with a huge smile and a warm hello (how gorgeous is her voice!!? ), but she is polite and keen to interact answering your questions, again as I said, a perfect guest who I will definately see again. Next Patrick Stewart who actually wasn't on my list, but as I walked past his tent he only had 5 people in there, so I asked the VT guy what number they were up to, it was about 280 (the time was about 11:15)......but the
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