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  1. I've got my tickets for both days. If I nip outside for something to eat or whatever, and someone goes in, do I have to wait until someone else goes out for me to get back in?
  2. Out of curiosity, will he have the Millon Dollar belt with him (or a copy of one :))
  3. being abit ego-sentric i want to see this see if im in there, but can you give me more informatipn, whats TOS? is it on anydays? or the weekends aswell? how long is it, or have i missed it ? and is it sky 1 ? I must apologise. TOS is Star Trek: The Original Series. It is shown on CBS action weeknights at 8
  4. Just an FYI for those with Sky, just before the episodes of classic TOS weeknights at 8, there is footage of the costumed Star Trek fans from the weekend, Chase Masterson and Gates Macfadden among others. Happily I escaped the filming. Probably because I’m as charismatic as a brick
  5. I'll be in the "Wrath of Kahn" uniform on Saturday and First Contact on Sunday
  6. trekwho


    You were the Nox? I really wanted to walk up to you both and say "Who's there?" (as in Nox Nox...)
  7. Highs Getting to meet RDA Getting to meet all the guests Exploring the dealers rooms Lows My own stubborn shyness The high prices of the hotel and surrounding area That it had to end
  8. The rest are on my FB
  9. trekwho


    Follow the signs in the NEC for "Hotels" and you should come out to a bus stop kinda place with a zebra crossing. The Hilton should also be quite visible in the distance. Cross the crossing turn Right at the pond/lake thing and you should be able to find your way easily.
  10. Yes, Students are required to wear their IDs, just as staff are, in fact they are generated from the same system. My staff photo is more recent than my passport one anyway.
  11. Is the photo ID issued by my employer (an FE College) sufficient evidence for the ID required at registration? I don’t drive, and I’d rather not risk losing my passport.
  12. trekwho


    Ordered my train tickets today. Woop, and indeed, woop.
  13. Whats the state of play regarding photos for the actors to sign - will they be on the tables, or will we be expected to buy them separately? If so, will it be from a stand in the collectors room, or from the desks when he hand over our cards?
  14. Daft thing is they have single rooms for sale, currently £53 a night for that weekend. That comes down the closer you get to the date. I paid £39 for a room there last saturday - booked about a month ago, I was expecting a single room - but I still had a double! I paid the convention rate for Bad Wolf 2010, which was similar to this as I reccall, and got a single room. I booked a single room at a special rate around the same time as you, Terrahawk and got a Double. As far as Chevron goes, I tried to get a single room starting friday, ending Sunday but couldn't. Among the alternatives was a room at £53 per night, though I had to pay for all three nights straight away, it makes it less of an expensive weekend for me! See you all there
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