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  1. many thanks for the update,and good luck on the guests... 4 will be a good number and hopefully it will happen
  2. I know ive been very quiet on this subject but i took it upon my self to ring them 5 mins ago to ask them and let them know about the forum going mental and he said we are finalising the contracts on 2 other guests and there should be an announcement in the next week apparently...
  3. Name: Dazzler Age: 32 From: Swindon Been to any ME cons before?: Plenty, all Bittens so far,Vampire Ball etc Ticket for B3: Gold Interests: Gaming, Training in Muay Thai,K1 & Shoot...Films and collecting T.V True Blood obviously Also love Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Wakling Dead,and Sons of Anarchy....
  4. Can we please have A Teen Wolf & Fringe Conventions please!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Couldn't agree with you more on this, I really do think this will be my final Bitten con which is a shame as I've truly enjoyed the last 2 but the guest list seems to be getting smaller each year and again why we still don't have party themes yet when the con is only a few months away is beyond me?!?! It is a big shame as i luv the programme ... This con has alot of very nice people which go..... i meet them every year and have a good laugh..This con had potential,And after they raised the price etc i was expecting a little more.....
  6. Ok so i understand the actors/Actresses have commitments etc but we are under 3 months away now and there aint even party themes been announced yet let alone guest announcements, Some people have to save money and need a little notice to get all the stuff ready...Put it this way unless they pull something big out of the bag(specially after last year)..the people i have spoken to have agreed this will be our last Bitten con which is dissapointing as i have been to all of them...
  7. I have been to all Bitten events......They have forgotten about us i think... we have under 4 months to go and only 2 guests,no party themes they have not even bothered updating us.....if this ends up being like last year this will be my last one.. Very poor in my oppinion when they are arranging other Cons that are not untill next year
  8. Totally agree with you after last year with the cancelations (and i know its not there fault) but then they put the price up,It is alot of money specially for what we got last year...... i am hopeing for at least 4 guests...I think they need to pull something out of the bag this year... Lets hope for a guest announcement very soon,Hopefully Deborah ann woll or Ryan Kwanten.... And it would be nice if someone from the Massive team gave us a update......
  9. 1, Deborah Ann Woll 2,Ryan Kwanten 3,Alex Skarsgaard/Anna Paquin
  10. I think this is prob the worst event regarding guest announcements,I know it takes time etc but there are other events which have been annouced later than this one which have 2-3 guests all ready....I am trying to promote this event to alot of people but no one will buy tickets unless there is at least 1 announcement and after last years cancelations everyone i speek to are not very confident...I have my Gold ticket as i have enjoyed it every year but i think you need to give people a little bit more confidents now specially with the ticket prices going up as well....... We need some movement on this event I have 8-9 friends which are thinking about it but wont commit unless guests are announced and they only want gold tickets if they sell out they will not come... Any news or reply would be gratefull
  11. I will not be happy paying £210 pound to see the same guests from the first 2 cons,I am expecting something special this year after just the 3 guests last year even tho it was an ace wekend
  12. I have been to the last 2 bitten cons they have been great but I am expecting something special this year regarding guest as we only had 3 last year and they have uped the price for tickets this year...So i expect at least 1 of the main cast please
  13. If Massive events follow there word they have said they will not have same guests attending and she has all ready been.
  14. So so so gutted.... we having been waiting for a sanctuary con for ages, 17 of us was ganna attend but the date clashes with my boys party otherwise we would all be there.......If the date does change for some reason could you please let us know and we will buy tickets straight away gold!
  15. i know where you've been Me too I was there lol
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