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  1. Pro's and Con's (no pun intended) to these dates. Ideal for start of school summer holidays and well past Wimbledon, British GP etc as that can play havoc if you're travelling by car trust me, but transport links within London are very good. However there were a few guests this year that did SDCC and LFCC most notably Hayley Atwell and lets face it if they(meaning franchise) had to choose it would be SDCC and others have expressed GOT concerns and if we ever want the likes of Big Bang Theory or dare I say RDJ to make an appearance it can't clash with SDCC. Also Olympia is not a great venue as most of us discovered this year. Yes there is talk of changing the layout for next year but surely the ExCel venue is a better option being purpose built, all on one level, adequate hotels and food vendors, cheaper parking and much better toilet facilities. This would give the opportunity to section everything off in a logical manner, guests together, stages together, photo ops together, traders together and so on and so on. There's also an opportunity for a party Thurs Fri and Sat night be it at the Fox (limited tickets) or in one of the halls as per DSTL 2012 In summary move it by a week (forward or back) and switch venue to ExCel. I know it sounds simple and there are a lot of logistical and business concerns to be factored in but it does feel the way to go. Any other thoughts people LLAP
  2. For all of us 40 somethings out there would love to meet the master of C64 SID chip music Rob Hubbard. His list of tracks is immense and a friend played some for me recently and I still remembered them nearly 30 years on!!
  3. Are there any other Neil Armstrong's (like me) going to turn up??????????????
  4. Firstly, anyone heading from Manchester want to car share then give me a shout and secondly do I need to prebook the parking or just turn up on the day
  5. Am gonna go for a cheeky punt on.................. Timothy Dalton. Links with Bond, Doctor Who, Chuck, Hot Fuzz, Toy Story 3 and of course Flash Gordon. Now there's a triple photo op with Sam and Brian I would love to see
  6. Time to tie Frakes down once and for all, get him to this event by taking his family hostage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I only joked about this wtih people in the Q's at Collectormaina this weekend, I ain't shocked by the news but still disappointed. Damn you Number 1
  8. Try the Ibis Budget London City Airport its very close to the venue also and I got 2 nights for £80
  9. Ok so has anyone dare think about Arnie?? But would love to see Nick Frost and Simon Pegg as Con's are in their blood
  10. Gold Pass all the way.....................Lets Do This!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hey looks like your bash is taking shape, my clan will be there in force!!
  12. Hey people am also travelling from Swinton and doing all 3 days so can fit another 3 in with me.
  13. Booking photoshoot, hey SM please don't have the Shatner Chat and Tyson photoshoot at the same time please please please
  14. You can buy tickets for his Sunday shoot here. Thanks
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