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  1. Absolutely fantastic guest, great actor and seems like a proper gentleman! That voice...
  2. I've lived in Wales for for years and crewed for six. There's finally a welsh con and its about two months after I move back to England. Damnit!
  3. When they are all sat around smoking pot, Paul asks Nick Frost when he last got laid, and he replies with 'Collectormania London '08'. Or something along those lines. And then he goes on to say how it was with a hot ewok chick.
  4. WOW! Very cool guest, Lock Stock is definitely up there in my favourite films! Very fine actor and director.
  5. Oh my god this is so exciting, think I may have just wet myself with excitement! Been watching his movies since I was 5!
  6. OMG YES! This man is the reason I started boxing, absolute legend!
  7. he's absolutely awesome, met him a few months ago, really nice bloke and a great character!
  8. ooh this is epic news, :)love neil and I think I've even got his single on vinyl somewhere, hmmm
  9. wow this is awesome! He was one of the best things about avatar! Taking down a civilisation whilst drinking his tea! Definitely getting his auto!
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