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  1. Never done this before, so does anyone know if we need a ticket for the free talks or do we just queue at the stage? And do we need to buy tickets from the ticket sales for the prop shoots (including big bang) or can we buy them there?
  2. Just a question, as diamond pass pick up is in the loading hall. Are we still able to come back during the show to collect our passes then. Just as my shoots aren't until the afternoon and I'd rather go when its quieter.
  3. Does anyone know if refunds will be processed before the event? I've never had a guest cancel this close to an event and Daniel Naprous was one of my main guests.
  4. Thanks. I was thinking about Saturday mostly and was just interested in when people tend to first arrive.
  5. For the first time I will be staying in London over LFCC. In previous years, I've arrived at about 7-8 and been quite far back in the queue and got relatively high vq's. This year, I will be travelling via Earls Court so can arrive there anytime. What time would people recommend is the ideal time to arrive to be near the front of the queue to secure low vq's?
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