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  1. No need to apologise, Its just one of those things. In the 7 years I've been doing Showmasters Conventions this is the first hiccup I have ever encountered and it was easily sorted. Once again, thank you x
  2. @Queen_Sindel I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help, I received the email from eventbrite today about the refund. I cant thank you enough for sorting this out..xx
  3. Oh ok, I haven't had anything come through via email as I've been keeping a close eye on emails. I have no issue with posting my order number here, its not like anyone can do anything with it now. The order number is 744820313. I really do appreciate your help with this, thank you x
  4. @Queen_Sindel I hope your surgery recovery is going well? I'm really sorry to bother you but I cant DM you for some reason. Please could you let me know if you have any more information or an update on the refunds as i still have not heard anything?
  5. Eventbrite have always been really good with all this. I've never had a problem before. I usually receive an email and then funds a couple of days after. Very strange... I really appreciate your help with this @Queen_Sindel
  6. lol, definitely not the answer I was looking for but like you say, at least they replied.. Should I just wait a few more days and see what happens?
  7. I did wonder why they emailed that back as you'd mentioned in an earlier post to email the assistance @ eventbrite, which is what I did.
  8. I email the address you posted above about my Megan refund and they have responded saying: "Hello Amanda, I'm sorry for any confusion here, but hopefully I can clarify. Eventbrite is an online software tool that organisers all over the world can use to sell tickets to their events. We are a self-service tool, meaning the organiser sets up their entire event page and executes all of the event management through our service. This means we can't provide additional details about your refund, but you can reach out to the organiser directly by following the directions in this Help Centre article." Please can anyone advise me of what to do now?
  9. Awesome announcement, just literally about to start watching Deep State...
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