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    Registration letters

    Got my letter today! Thanks Yvie! X
  2. chosen108

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM LENK

    7 guests this is awesome this be my 3rd halowhedon and soo looking forward to it! Nearly wasnt coming thank god my payment got took before i could cancel !! And saving cost on travel as i live in Birmingham yay! :)
  3. chosen108

    MASSIVE GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT - Weds 27th Feb at 6pm

    I wish it was wednesday 6pm!! Im excited !! I never looked forward to a wednesday before!! :)
  4. chosen108

    MASSIVE GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT - Weds 27th Feb at 6pm

    carnt wait !!! Thank god my gold tickets are booked :)
  5. chosen108

    Latest Guest Announcement - AMY ACKER

    Omg !!! What a guest made my day, i had problems sorting out my payment for my tickets but thank you to yvie for sorting me out! Gold ticket order sooo glad its all sorted this Halowhedon going to rock !! :) Annemarie
  6. chosen108

    Ticket numbers

    Got mine through the post today G23 snd G24!! Best numbers I've got, at Halowhedon 2 i had G69 and G70
  7. chosen108


    Cool themes, need to do some thinking about Friday, Sundays a piece of cake!!
  8. chosen108

    Last guest

    There usually 5-6 guests and there still plenty of time to get another guest or two
  9. chosen108

    Last guest

    i would like to see JULIET LANDAU .. though i am being greedy do you think we will have 1 more guest or 2 ? i know in past Hallowhedon max is 6 and when I went to Hallowhedon 2 there was 5.. I dont mind happy with guests we have .. though we have 1 angel guest 2 buffys and 1 firefly i would also have as a dollhouse second choice Eliza Dushku.. As i missed my chance to meet her few years back
  10. chosen108

    Latest Guest Announcement - J AUGUST RICHARDS

    Oh My a great guest !! carnt wait to see him ! :)
  11. chosen108

    next guest...

    James Masters Alexis Denisof,Alyson Hannigan, Juliet Landau, Oliva Williams
  12. chosen108

    Hotel code not working?

    Yes i got the same thing I booked the hotel on Sunday and the woman said she had no code that I quoted from the site though I explained it was for Hallowhedon 4 event she said we do have a code for that which is the one quoted above. She gave me correct rate so was all sorted in the end..
  13. chosen108

    Ready and raring to go!

    Just booked my tickets and hotel, this is my 2nd Hallowhedon, Been to 2 and will be going to 4, now just watch and wait for other guests ... Looking forward to going to Radisson 1st time !! Hopefully will get to social more this year .. as I felt everyone knew each other from Hallowhedon 1 when we went to HW2..
  14. chosen108

    Autograph pre-orders

    Hi Thanks for your help I did and they responded back to me very quickly and we try and get it on their site a.s.ap
  15. chosen108

    Autograph pre-orders

    Hi SM I have a question with the new guests added to Hallowhedon 3 today, is there time to pre-order autographs for them ?