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  1. So I bought my Photoshoot and talk tickets for Saturday but I missed out on entry ticket so it would be fine buying mine on the day. I get into Newcastle about 8:30 what time would you rerecommend queueing up to get a Saturday ticket.
  2. Michael Rosenbaum James Martsers Shamer Moore David Boreanaz
  3. How come I can't buy James Martsers talk tickets online any more?
  4. Any of these would be amazing Michael Rosenbaum Shamer Moore David Boreanaz Buffy Angel Bates Motel Bones Criminal Minds
  5. This Is Me Tamsey newst picture i got that is decent
  6. Well I'm travelling all way from Berwick Upon Tweed (North East England Border Area) torrow 29th, so if I wondering if I could meet someone either on trains going down at london station cause i never been nefore I dont want to get lost or mugged and im nervous as it is. I will be leaving my town some time after 11 am, so I could try getting train so it hits ur station area around time you people are getting on share journey that kind of thing. I am willing to give my mobile number so we can keep in tuch or something. BTW I'm 20 Female (travelling alone) I'm thinking going to Woking Station then getting the Rail- Air coach to the airport avaoiding tub and everything.
  7. Hiya i'm Tamsey, 20 female from Berwick Upon Tweed (North East England), I'm shy quite girl who doesn't talk much so you might need to start the convo first, Ma pages if you wanna know what I look lyk or something http://www.facebook.com/tamseyt?ref=name www.bebo.com/TamseyT
  8. I'm travelling from Berwick upon tweed - UK
  9. Im staying there too, i got room with 2 single beds but i dont have roomate so if anyone wants to share
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