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    Couples of questions if you don't mind

    can I just ask what time things are likely to finish on the Sunday night, I was looking at the train times home and may have to leave early as the last one is just before 7. Also will a schedule be posted online before next friday? Thanks x
  2. elaine 123

    Few Questions....

    There are also places to eat at the airport (Burger King, Wetherspoons and Frankie and Bennys) It is a bit of a walk but not too far away. You just have to walk through the NEC up towards the train station and get the free monorail to the airport which runs every few mins so you don't have to wait long for it.
  3. elaine 123

    Your Top 5 Guest wants

    1. Todd Stashwick (I love him) 2. Chris Gauthier (really nice, friendly guy) 3. Mark Pellengrino (he scares me but he is very funny) 4. Gabe Tigerman (so sweet ) 5. Jake Abel I have met 4 out of 5 of these but I would Love to see them again
  4. elaine 123

    Will Louden Swain be playing with Rob Benedict?

    Yeah Brand New Hurt was the one I got too - LOVE IT!
  5. elaine 123

    Will Louden Swain be playing with Rob Benedict?

    I would also love it if Louden Swain were to play at the convention - they are awesome, I bought one of their albums from Rob when I met him last year and I haven't stopped listening to it since then.
  6. elaine 123

    Hotel Code?

    I have just had a look at it and the con rate is coming up at 76.38. Is this right because the roadhouse website is saying different
  7. elaine 123

    Hotel Code?

    Are the hotel rooms able to be cancelled? I was just wondering if the con is cancelled for any reason like housebroken was will we still have to pay out for the hotel?
  8. elaine 123

    Misha Collins Request Thread!

    Ok I know they are in the UK at the end of October but I didn't know they were here the week before Roadhouse.
  9. elaine 123

    RH Attendees - Introduce Yourself!

    Forum Name - elaine 123 Real Name - Elaine Age/Location - 30 / Shropshire What Ticket have you got/getting? - silver Most wanted guest for RH? - Rob Benedict, Gabe Tigerman and Chris Gauthier Hotel? - Hilton Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? - Speed Favourite Other TV Show? - Anything but Doctor Who (It's the worst thing on telly) Favourite Music? - Pop (Take That) Anything else we need to know? - No
  10. elaine 123

    Dustin Milligan PLEASE!

    I met Dustin not so long ago and he is a very lovely guy, I would love to see him again but at the same time I would like guests I haven't met yet. If you do get Dustin I will be very happy though (as long as he dosn't keep filming me on his camera like last time - there was no hiding from the guy)
  11. elaine 123

    Latest Guest Announcement - Rob Benedict

    OK Rob has swayed me - I just got a silver ticket. Now I just need Gabe Tigerman and I will be a very happy girl. And I agree with the above - Louden Swain are awesome x
  12. elaine 123

    Latest Guest Announcement - Rob Benedict

    Possibly one of nicest blokes I have ever met. I met him last month and me and some friends were talking to him for ages, he even recorded a line from the show on my phone so I could use it as a message alert. He is one of my weeknesses and I may end up booking a ticket just to see him again. Will wait a bit longer though as I am already going to a few events next year.
  13. elaine 123

    Who has their ticket already?

    Still thinking about it hun x
  14. elaine 123

    New Event - Roadhouse

    well I was considering getting a ticket for this but I am already booked up.