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  1. He had a few transport problems getting to the venue .......................and when he arrived it was lunchtime! I had to go to his desk quite a few times to secure his autograph. He is appearing in a play "Mr Maugham at home" at THE BREWERY TOBBACCO FACTORY THEATRE in October, probably not worth a trip from Sweden but you may have some luck sending stuff in to the stage door. Very nice man, I missed him last time he did LFCC so I was pleased to get him this time around.
  2. I'm not dancing I should be dancing I should be dancing.......yeah! (are animated GIFs no more?)
  3. Wild horses.....................
  4. I'm doing the "going to Elstree dance" for the uninitiated, this is easily confused with the "happy dance"
  5. One of the guests I remember from Empire Day got him on my Ewok filmcell but I need a 10 by 8 now do I go Logray or Jabba.......hmmmm
  6. I concur, I've met Peter but have a few other realistic suggestions Michael Hanbury (a regular on the circuit don't think I've seen him at an SM gig) Nicholas Read (might be best to have male crew for this one ) Katie Purvis (never done a London SM event) The Fondercaro brothers (Phil cancelled a CM but never came back) Debbie is fantastic guest but a bit expensive for an Ewok is this correct? I need a couple of Autos and looking at Autographica prices seem to have gone up I hope this isn't going to be replicated over all SM shows, these guys are not busy as it is and I bought 15 autos last EMS add £5 to each........... I think that kind of increase would change the way I collect!
  7. Fingers crossed for 4th time lucky! I bought his auto off Daniel Logan as a double signing at the official event a few years back. Would love to finally meet the man himself though. For me it will be one of the highlights of the show.
  8. I bought more autos than I needed last time she was her, but I would find something, anything to meet her again and perhaps get a photo shoot as well. One of my best guest experiences ever!
  9. [quote Hello, you. I've been looking out for you on the forum so I could say hi, but this is the first time I've spotted a post from you since the LFCC so, sorry if I missed earlier ones. Oh, and you know I recognized your username, but it wasn't until I was sitting on my final train home that I suddenly pictured your animated R2 icon, clear as day! Good to talk to you too - and no, I wasn't shy at that point, but I'd certainly had a few tongue-tied moments that day... Howdy, the avatar is very cool I dont post much on here and when I do they seem to go missing I do try to keep up to date when I can and friends keep 'nudging' me to be online more/join some social networking. I will most cirtainly add you when I finally join the 21st Century! I guess we can add approaching women on trains as a way of meeting like minded. (Tip: to avoid the attentions of the constabulary, this activity might be best confined to people you recognize off the forum!)
  10. Sabrina Seyvecou Audrey Fleurot Virginie Ledoyen Jean Reno Collectormania France?
  11. Not necessarily, they don't. I was attracted to my husband because I was incredibly shy around men (still am at times) but found it easy to talk to him. It doesn't matter how good-looking someone is (aesthetic appreciation aside!); attraction has very little to do with that. Besides, maybe they think you won't be interested in them, so that can work both ways. But you won't know unless you try. And remember, if you're standing next to someone in a queue, it's a pretty safe bet that you're both in it for the same reason. That's your starting topic right there. That's how I've struck up conversations with people (including you!) and ended up with some great friends as a result, so just take a deep breath and go for it. Better to try and see what happens than to go home cursing yourself for a missed opportunity. CosmicAvatar (from the train home at LFCC) I didn't find you shy, I thought you were good company, nice to have met you, do say hi if you see me again!
  12. I think that the exclusive-ness of this event deserves some little reminders Will you be buying a ticket? Or do you think it's just a good idea for other people to spend their hard earned on without a choice? I haven't seen your name around the star wars guests (I notice Matt Doran and Tracy Eddon in your sig) so if your a fan, fine. I have seen you in the 'crew' section though...............
  13. Didn't vote, not interested in any of those names. I do not buy many autographs that are not signed in person. I have some trading cards and some I bought off co stars but that's about it. Perhaps, I would have been interested in Irvin Kershner if I'd known how ill he was. I was holding out for SM to get him but regret not buying from the "cool duck" people now. Considering how old and frail he is, Christopher Lee would tempt me. Interesting idea though.
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