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  1. Little1


    Seeing as I'm still going to be traveling during the dates that the con was supposed to be - it would certainly be nice to get the money prior to those dates Still really sad and bummed about con being canceled ... :-(
  2. Wow - I really don't know what to say....other than I'm crushed ... completely .... crap, now what to do ?
  3. Can you email them to me (I know you have my email) - thanks ... everything on the BBC blog says that the vids aren't available in my area booo BBC ! LOL !! j/k !
  4. Is there a US air date? will I get to see any of it before the con ? :-( I hope so !!!!
  5. I'd be very surprised to hear it was cancelled this side of Christmas, since they'd be accused of ruining it for some of you if they did. And probably not enough notice after, so I'd guess no news is good news. It seems to have two different types of fan though - those who think it's too pricey and those of you who will go no matter the cost. In fact nearly everyone who's said they've booked say they are gold or silver, but you have to sell regular tickets too. OK - I have a theory - yes - gold and silver have been selling, I believe that the regular tix will sell closer to Xmas AND right around when Series 2 starts .... then the tickets will FLY !!!!
  6. Do one of you tweet as @beinghuman3 by any chance? I'm on twitter too --- if anyone wants to follow a crazed american ! LOL !!! www.twitter.com/wench25 and yup - I've even made a few #BeingHuman notes too :-) along with links to Housebroken over the past few months - but I only have 100 followers - so who knows what market I'm reaching !
  7. Well, my air is booked - hotel is booked (friend took care of that) - and my GOLD pass was just purchased - I will be there ! Hope - as a fellow American - you can make it !!!
  8. Little1

    New series

    a most excellent cover ....
  9. Are you talking about me? or was there another crazy American coming over too? LOL !!!
  10. I hope it doesn't get canceled - my husband is buying my con ticket this week as my anniversary/Chanukkah present for this year and I JUST booked my tickets to England !!! OKies - now we all have to do some serious praying !!!
  11. Ok - I haven't bought mine YET, but my friend who is meeting up with me already bought her gold ticket last week, and I hope to have had mine purchased for me sometime in the next week or two. With all the s***e that's been going on in my life - I'm really, REALLY looking forward to this event !!! See you all there !!! Little1
  12. I'm excited either way .... now - just have to buy my tickets (that will be this coming week's project!)
  13. Cheers ! *edited* Sorry, we don't allow discussion of other events on here, especially linking to them so I removed it Thank you! So sorry .... please don't beat me ....
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