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  1. beauty&bear

    MASSIVE GUEST ANNOUNCEMENT - Weds 27th Feb at 6pm

    David Boreanaz, he has been makin the rounds at cons lately so my bet is its him. x
  2. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    There is like 2 or 3 Charmed requests on the past 5 pages of this thread LOL! Pretty pretty please for Charmed guests, even recurring actors/demons would be amazing!
  3. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    Charmed, Alias, Buffy or Roswell guests would be great
  4. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    Kaley Cuoco (Charmed, Big Bang) Greg Vaughan (Charmed, 90210) Michael Bailey Smith (Charmed) James Read (Charmed, Legally Blonde) Ivan Sergei (Charmed, The Break Up) Finola Hughes (Charmed) Michael Gilden (Charmed)
  5. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    Someone tried to do a Charmed reunion con years ago, Rose dropped out the last minute. So I don't see a full on con happening but even if we meet Rose Shannen or Alyssa within the next 2 years I would be so happy. and i'm SO jealous you got to meet Rose! It is a good sign she is doing cons, she will be more likely to come over here if she is doing cons over there *fingers crossed*!
  6. beauty&bear

    CHARMED 2013

    There is actually a 'twitition' for Alyssa and Rose for LFCC http://twitition.com/9bowe. I would love a reunion convention, but i'm not sure of the popularity for people to commit to a full 3 day con, but I would love if they got a Charmed guest each year. Shannen did one a few years ago so hopefully she is interested in coming back. Rose is not as busy as she used to be so maybe she will get around to it soon. Fingers crossed!
  7. beauty&bear

    Charmed sister for LFCC 13?

    Ditto on the small roles/demons. I would LOVE to meet Joel Swetow (Head Avatar), Debbi Morgan (The Seer), Billy Drago (Barbas), Gildart Jackson (Gigeon), Peter Woodward (The Source) Simon Templeman (The Angel of Death), Grace Zabriskie (The Crone)... and thats just the tip of the ice burg. Barbas is easily my favorite demon, along with The Source of course.
  8. beauty&bear

    Charmed sister for LFCC 13?

    I'm surprised (or not !) to see how many people here keep requesting Charmed, I know it was and still is a cult show but it seems to have a massive fan following in the UK, especially on this forum. Makes me happy the show is still being kept alive! I would love to meet Alyssa, Shannen or Rose this year, Holly was incredibly sweet last year.
  9. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    Long list (sorry!) Holly Marie Combs (Charmed, Pretty Little Liars) Rose Mcgowan (Charmed, Scream, Planet Terror) <3 Alyssa Milano (Charmed, Mistresses ) Shannen Doherty (Charmed,90210) Brian Krause (Charmed, Return to the Blue Lagoon) Dorian Gregory (Chamed) Julian McMahon (Charmed, Fantastic Four) Drew Fuller (Charmed, Army Wives) Debbi Morgan (Charmed) Oded Fehr (Charmed, The Mummy) Billy Drago (Charmed) Brian Thompson (Charmed, Buffy) Shiri Appleby (Roswell, Swimfan) Jason Behr (Roswell, The Grudge) Katherine Heigl (Roswell, Grey's Anatomy, Knocked Up) Majandra Delfino (Roswell, Life as We Know It) <3 Brendan Fehr (Roswell, Final Destination, Bones) Nick Wechsler (Roswell, Revenge) William Sadler (Roswell, Die Hard 2) Colin Hanks (Roswell, King Kong) Emilie de Ravin (Roswell, LOST, OUAT) Ellen Pompeo (Grey's Anatomy, Old School, Moonlight Mile) <3 Sandra Oh (Grey's Anatomy, Hard Candy, Sideways , Under the Tuscan Sun ) Justin Chambers (Grey's Anatomy, The Wedding Planner ) Chandra Wilson (Grey's Anatomy) Patrick Dempsey ( Grey's Anatomy, Transformers: Dark of the Moon ) Sara Ramirez (Grey's Anatomy) Chyler Leigh (Grey's Anatomy, Not Another Teen Movie) T.R. Knight (Grey's Anatomy) Kevin McKidd (Grey's Anatomy, Trainspotting) <3 Neve Campbell (Grey's Anatomy, Scream 1234) My 'never going to happen' guest's Josh Hutcherson/Jennifer Lawrence Kristen Stewart/ Robert Pattinson Troian Bellisario/Ashley Benson/Shay Mitchell Tyler Blackburn/Tammin Sursok /Keegan Allen Emilia Clarke /Sophie Turner
  10. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    Ooo i'd like to second Neve Campbell! She just guest starred in Grey's. And my usual begging of any Charmed guests, main, recurring or guest actors please
  11. Exciting! And I agree with the above poster, I hope its someone I recognize, i'm not into Starwars/StarTreck/Stargate. I'm still holding out hope for Rose McGowan, but I don't know if she is a 'headliner' since she is really only known for Charmed.
  12. beauty&bear

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Alyssa Milano Julian Mcmahon Rose Mcgowan Holly Marie Combs Shannen Doherty
  13. beauty&bear

    Guest Suggestions

    More Charmed cast members to fill up my Book of Shadows would be lovely! Rose Mcgowan Shannen Doherty Alyssa Milano Holly & Brian (again) Dorian Gregory Jennifer Rhodes Julian McMahon Anybody from Pretty Little Liars, Grey's Anatomy, Buffy, Alias and Revenge would be great to!
  14. beauty&bear

    Charmed 15th Anniversary

    The petition for Rose & Alyssa has already got 123 signatures http://twitition.com/9bowe More Charmed (and Buffy/Roswell) guests would be so great!
  15. Agreed! Please please get them all back again soon + more Charmed guests! It was great!