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  1. LaTueCantante

    Party Themes

    Yay thanks x
  2. LaTueCantante

    Jamie Campbell Bower for ET4

    Lol i agree with everyone how about just a jcb convention haha x
  3. LaTueCantante

    ET3 DVD a MUST!

    Definetly his talk was amazing! Would love a DVD guess we can only hope ay! *fingers crossed* xx
  4. LaTueCantante

    Jamie Campbell Bower for ET4

    I couldnt agree more such a memorable guest, would be amazing if he could come to a future event!!! xx
  5. LaTueCantante

    some amazing secrets that you would not know about ET

    i like 16 and 24...if we give him enough drinks reckon we can get the number hahah xx
  6. LaTueCantante

    Group 11..

    Wooooo group 11 hehe cannot wait not long nowwww xx
  7. LaTueCantante

    Who is staying Sunday night?

    I voted :) me and holly are staying for the party sunday :)xx
  8. LaTueCantante

    Latest Guest Announcement: Jamie Campbell Bower

    How exciting we have a great line up thank you sm and me xx
  9. LaTueCantante


    2 Standard hopefully yay I wonder who we will get bring on et3 not long noowww xx
  10. LaTueCantante


    Thanks Mark and Jason :) Looking forward to Feb
  11. LaTueCantante


    Hi, my laptop has broken which means that my email that i have given to SM is no good at the moment because i cant access it :s is there a way for me to give someone a change of email because if anything important comes through that i need i wont have it :/ Also i hope everyone has an AMAZING christmas and a great start to the New Year much love xx
  12. LaTueCantante

    when will the ET 1 dvd be sent out?

    Mine turned up yday yay ..thank you :) not watched it yet but will do later :) xx
  13. LaTueCantante

    Bewliers FAO CHARLIE BEWLEY fans

    Can i join? x
  14. LaTueCantante

    Anyone at ET2

    Brilliant vid xx
  15. LaTueCantante

    NEW Moon midnight showing

    Im hoping to go to one in chelms...need to find a friend who can drive that wants to come with lol x