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  1. Mandelina

    General Rambling

    Just found out that they're gonna have a fan event here in Stockholm, Sweden with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner in June. I'm in shock. Nothing ever happens here
  2. Mandelina

    Latest Guest Announcement - KIRSTEN PROUT

    It's a tv show. Never heard of it? It was so good!
  3. Mandelina

    Latest Guest Announcement - KIRSTEN PROUT

    This is an awesome guest. I loved her in Kyle XY :')
  4. Mandelina

    Remember me Premier

    Aw I really wish I lived in UK so I could go to this </3 But have fun people :) Remember to see the movie too, I saw it a couple of days ago and it was just amazing<3
  5. Mandelina

    Party Themes

    This is really really awesome! I love it
  6. Mandelina

    Svenska Showmasters fans

    Jag ska antagligen dit :) Men vet tyvärr inget vandrarhem eller dylikt :/
  7. Mandelina

    Recording ....again

    Be fair guys. The website actually don't have any responsibility to remove the clips, but they did anyway when we asked them to which I think is nice. To blame for this is those who can't follow rules and apparently ignore the fact that we were told so many times not to record during the talks :[
  8. Mandelina

    Recording ....again

    This makes me really irritated.
  9. Mandelina

    Latest Guest Announcement - Alex Meraz

    I'm so excited about meeting Alex
  10. Mandelina

    if you have hotel issues ?

    I really wanna know if more rooms will be put up or not, so that I know if I should book at normal rate or wait longer :/
  11. Mandelina

    if you have hotel issues ?

    Well...a lot of things can change in one day ^^
  12. Mandelina

    if you have hotel issues ?

    Yeah, same thing here.
  13. Mandelina

    Facebook/Twitter/MSN/Whatever :D

    Here's my facebook :) http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php...mp;id=820395516 And my twitter is mandelina :)
  14. Mandelina

    Jamie Campbell Bower for ET4

    lmao I dreamed that Jamie was announced for ET4 :') a very good dream I think
  15. Mandelina


    Thank you! I thought I was the only one who didn't really think it was that funny >.<