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  1. I concour - fabulous venue, fantastic atmosphere. I had a splendid time
  2. Just a quick heads-up, James hasn't been doing hug pictures for the majority of this year (both UK and US cons), by all means ask, but it's highly likely to be a no so it's worth having another pose up your sleeve Especially as the James fog can be all-encompassing when you are in front of the dude
  3. With regard to the refunds, will the EventBrite 'fee' of £1 per item be refunded too?
  4. Yeah, I was talking with him about it in Newcastle. It's got an amazing cast and director. It's called The Devil You Know and is being produced by HBO. He's currently growing out his hair and sideburns, so it's probable that it was picked up. Yay for James on tv :)
  5. He is showing as cancelled: http://filmandcomicconcardiff.com/ Thanks :-)
  6. Has he definately cancelled? There's nothing from SM confirming this *confused*
  7. Will James Marsters still be attending? Also will this be the only date change? Am just having a fret re hotels
  8. From looking at the schedule for Sat, there are photos with James at 10:55-11:10 on the Sat, as you have an Early Bird, you should be fine having your photo then
  9. I totally agree! It's not even a vague similarity to the story, it's the fanfic republished with a find and replace on the names. As an avid reader of fic (and as a writer), it pains me to see such a poor author get so much money and fame. *steps off soapbox before rant proper can start*
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